Local Automobile Receives TOGG Investment Incentive Certificate


Receiving the EIA positive report for its factory in the past days, TOGG announced that it has received an Investment Incentive Certificate today.

Environmental Impact Assessment for the factory in the past days (EIA) report the positive area of ​​Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) today announced that it has received the Investment Incentive Certificate. In the statement made; “Following the EIA Positive Report, we also received the Investment Incentive Certificate, which will further speed up our operations. Turkey's mobility, we set out to create the ecosystem #yeniligeyolculuk rate continues unabated. Good luck to our country. ”

At TOGG, Gemlik factory;

  • Annual production capacity of 175 thousand units.
  • 100 different models, all naturally 5 percent electric.
  • Employment for 4 thousand people.

The investment process of 22 billion liras for domestic cars in Bursa is expected to be completed in 13 years.

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