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Children Karner Gifts from Business Bank: Turkey initiated in Isbank's 2007-2008 education in our country is the largest book campaigns conducted so far "Show Your Report Card, Get Your Book" is to take place this year 13th time.

Instead of distributing books from İşbank branches this year, due to the measures taken within the scope of the coronavirus epidemic, within the framework of the campaign that was launched to give children the habit of reading from a young age, is offered digitally on the website. the Book, Besides the website, Kumbara Magazine application can be downloaded and accessed from all devices.

In this campaign, İşbank offers children; Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "Doctor Ox's Experiment" and Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" give his report cards as a report card.

The booklet “Turkish Scientists at the North Pole”, which was specially prepared for the campaign on the first Turkish Scientific Arctic Expedition with the support of İşbank last year, is also among the books presented. Turkey for books prepared by the Bank Cultural Publications, journalist Dogan Accelerate, he took a pen as a preface to encourage children to read their thoughts share.

This year the books are in digital environment due to the pandemic.

İşbank General Manager Adnan Bali said in his statement regarding the campaign “Show Your Report Card, Take Your Book”: “The book is an unsubstituted journey that touches each individual individually. Reading books from a young age allows people to think, to question and research with a wide vision. We, as the first and most important step of supporting the human development of our country, believe that it is very important to give our children the habit of reading, instill love for books, awaken their curiosity, and develop their imagination, and we contribute in this direction with the campaign we launched 13 years ago. ”

Pandemic, almost as in the whole world pointing out that Turkey also affect the educational life in Bali, "Every summer holiday in which we spent the mood festive with our children that fill our branches 'Show Your Report Card, Get Your Book' in our campaign, unfortunately physically opportunity to be together because this time the pandemic we will not find. Instead, we will meet our children digitally, unlike previous years. This year, our children, who have gained different experiences with distance education, go to many different places while reading the books we have chosen. zamI hope they will live their moments and have fun ”.

Adnan Bali also stated that they will send the books they publish in digital media to the schools where the visually impaired children are educated, as in previous years, in Braille alphabet.

Science fiction, adventure, unknowns about the North Pole…

Two of the books selected for students this year in the campaign; Jules Verne, who lays the foundations of science fiction and is known to be the inspiration for the work of scientists and inventors with the machines he described in detail in his works. There are items such as the sea, ancient animals, rivers, tree-sized mushrooms, volcanoes that may attract the attention of children, which are underground in the adventure that is made in the center of the world and started in Northern European countries. The author's book 'Doctor Ox's Experiment' describes what happened after a scientist's interesting experiment in a strange town.

In the book of "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson, another report card gift within the scope of the campaign, the adventures of a young child with pirates in the pursuit of a treasure in the second half of the 8th century are narrated with an immersive story.

The booklet "Turkish Scientists at the North Pole" prepared within the scope of the campaign this year contains information that children will learn a lot about the North Pole.

12 million books distributed in 14 years

Since 2008, İşbank offers children with the campaign; "Alice in Wonderland", "Tales and Stories from Our Writers", "Stories from Our Writers", "Halime Kaptan" and "Little Blue Planet", "Stories for Children from Sait Faik", "The Best Stories for Children from Aziz Nesin", " Stories from Our Writers ”,“ Journey to the World of Poetry with Selected Poems from Our Poets ”and“ I am not Afraid of the Earthquake - I Know How to Protect ”,“ How Do I Go to Mars? - Fun Steps on the Path to Science ”,“ Are Astronauts a Brochure? - Fun Steps on the Path to Science ”,“ Can Robots Sneeze? Fun Steps on the Path of Science ”, and“ Black Pearl ”as a report card.

Within the scope of the "Show Your Report, Get Your Book" campaign, 12 million books have been given as a gift in 14 years.

The Bank's projects in the field of education, environment and culture and arts…

Turkey Business Bank, the field of education "Show Your Report Card, Get Your Book" campaign as well as carrying out other projects. Since 2005, Turkey Chess Federation (TCF), the main sponsor of İşbank assumes, chess class over 25 thousand across the country açtı.b time over 30 licensed sports numbers in the thousands that chess was approaching 900 thousand and chess in particular up among children of primary school age became one of the preferred elective courses.

Another social responsibility project of the bank in the field of education, the “81 Students from 81 Cities” project, carried out with Darüşşafaka… In this project, where 12 years have been completed; Talented children, who have lost their father and / or mother, have limited opportunities, are provided with high quality education in a warm home environment, starting from the fifth grade until completing high school. Within the scope of the project, İşbank covers all education expenses of 600 students studying in Darüşşafaka and continues to support successful graduates.

The Bank rewards students who have succeeded in the university exam every year since 1971 with the "Golden Youth" program. The number of students who have received awards to date has exceeded 3.

Business Bank, in the environmental field TEMA Foundation of Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry of the collaboration that began in 2008 "81 Forests in 81 Cities" project, Turkey general 1.500 hectares to 2 million planted seedlings over 200 thousand. In the project, where the bank also undertook maintenance works for 5 years, the plant planted more than 3 million saplings in total, together with its plantings.

One of the areas that focus on social responsibility, which also culture-art Business Bank, the 20th season of the completion of the well İş Sanat Concert Hall and Kibele Art Gallery at a later point to move to the country with our artistic life and artistic value of the concert on a high international level, exhibitions and performances in Turkey He contributes to his meeting with the audience in.

Transfer to future-how and experience, to share the wealth with the new generation started corporate history studies in the late 1990s and paved the Turkey Business Bank Museum on Yenicami branches in Istanbul in 2007, the Bank last year covered by this study Ulus in Ankara in Economics He opened the Independence Museum.

Contributing to the unearth of our country's archaeological richness and preserving it and bringing it to the next generations, the Bank supports the excavations in the ancient cities of Muzalar House in Gaziantep Zeugma Ancient City, Kalehöyük in Kırşehir Kaman, Patara in Antalya, İzmir Teos, Aydın Nysa.

İşbank continues its preparations for the Painting Museum in Beyoğlu, which is one of the most important private collections in our country, and which has been created since the 1940s, where the Artworks Collection, where approximately 900 works of more than 2.500 artists, will be exhibited. The Bank carries out the maintenance and repair works of these works within the framework of the Art Works Conservation and Restoration Laboratory, which it has given to the University within the framework of the cooperation with Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

National Education Minister Hasan Ali Yücel in the old pioneer founded in 1956, Turkey Business Bank Cultural Publishing has become one of the country's leading publishing case ...

"Show Your Report Card, Get Your Book" campaign, which supports performing the printing of the book children gift Turkey Isbank Cultural Publications; Hasan Âli Yücel continues to bring high-quality books, important works of Turkish and world literature to readers in many different fields such as classics, modern classics, children and youth, research and study. - Hibya

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