China's Unmanned Helicopter Flying for the First Time

Unmanned helicopter designed specifically for China's needs by the Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) closes its maiden flight zamperformed at the same time.

Developed by AVIC, AR500C made its first flight at the unmanned aerial vehicle test site on May 20, 2020. AR500C stayed in the air for a total of 20 minutes. In the statement made by AVIC, it was explained that several maneuvers were performed and satisfactory data were obtained.

In the statement made by the company, it was announced that it was developed over the AR500B, the predecessor of the AR500C platform, taking into account the plateau conditions. It was also stated that the duties of the platform are discovery and signal relay support within the scope of intelligence support operations.

Institute technology director Fang Yonghong said the maximum takeoff weight of the AR500C is 500 kilograms. Yonghong, AR500CzamHe added that its altitude is 6.700 meters and has a maximum speed of 170 kilometers per hour. The AR500C has five hours of airtime during operation. The platform can perform autonomous takeoff/landing.

These platforms can carry additional equipment to perform a variety of tasks, such as electronic mixing, air search, fire fighting, marine surveillance, and monitoring of nuclear or chemical leaks. In addition, it can cooperate with manned aircraft or independently carry out the tasks of locking and attacking the target, taking part in transport activities.

AVIC started research and development on the AR500C last year with designers focusing on engines, rotors, aerodynamic modifications and composite materials. The first platform was brought together in March. The platform started to take ground tests before the flight test.

AVIC has developed several types of unmanned helicopters, but they were not specifically designed for plateau deployment.

Source: defenceturk

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