BMW i8 production will no longer be done

BMW İ Production Will Not Be Done Now
BMW İ Production Will Not Be Done Now

Introduced in 2014, the BMW i8 was a really popular model with its design and superior technological equipment.

BMW's i6 model, powered by the plug-in hybrid engine, has ceased production in Leipzig, Germany after 8 years.

In fact, production was planned to end in April 2020. However, the closure of factories due to the coronavirus epidemic and a 2-month break in production led to the postponement of this decision until June.

BMW i8 will continue to live in other cars

The interesting and nice thing is that the 8L BMW TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder engine used in the BMW i1.5 will continue to be used in other cars.

Plug-in hybrid models Karma Revero GT and Karma Revero GTS will be powered by this engine.

Production of i3 will continue in Leipzig until 2024

In Leipzig, the factory hosts the production of the BMW i3. 19 cars are produced daily from the car, whose production was interrupted in May and the number of daily production COVID-116 returned to the normal level before the epidemic. In double shifts, this number reaches 250.

It has been confirmed by BMW that the i3 model will remain in mass production until 2024.

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