Mayor Odabaşı Revolted Söğütlüçeşme Shopping Center YHT Train Station

Istanbul's Kadikoy one of the most valuable land in Söğütlüçeşme Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), opposed the opening of land for construction projects Kadıköy Municipality, Chamber of Architects, Urban Planners have opened administrative proceedings with the Chamber of.

In the lawsuit we filed against the change of the shopping mall type YHT Gar plan approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Administrative Court unanimously approved the construction of the project which is open to the law.

With this project, it is aimed to build a shopping mall in the middle of Kadıköy, one of the most valuable lands, which will be the last need of the city.

Since the day I took office, our priority in all our efforts to improve the quality of life in Kadıköy has been to create social benefit.

However, this project and its results cannot be accepted due to the environmental negativities it will cause and the great destruction it will cause on our tradesmen, who are an important part of the district mosaic.

Moreover, a shopping mall density, in addition to the current human and vehicle density, will drag Kadıköy traffic into a complete deadlock.

As the Mayor of Kadıköy, I cannot be expected to accept this project, which does not contain any social benefits!

Unfortunately, politics has brought to justice. An unlawful practice is wanted to be 'legalized' by justice.

As a lawyer, I spent my entire life believing in the rule of law. As a mayor, it is my main duty to protect the rights of Kadıköy and the people of Kadıköy!

Trying to bring a 'legal' identity to this project, which does not have legitimacy on behalf of the public and is stabbed in the bosom of the city, is a betrayal of that city and its inhabitants.

I call on the owners and watchers of this business;

Give up this decision made on the anniversary and environmental week of the Istanbul elections!

As in the Haydarpaşa Train Station, it is obvious that the account is different in the Söğütlüçeşme Train Station.

A handful of land of the children of this city will be wasted again, the residents of Kadıköy will be condemned to concrete.

This is not only a betrayal of Kadıköy, but also all of Istanbul.

Give up this betrayal as soon as possible!

As every citizen who loves his neighborhood, city, country, land, we stand against this project and we will continue to do so!

Again, we will appeal against the court decision, whose legitimacy is in question.

I am calling out to Mr. President;

While you boast of opening a National Garden in different parts of the country every day, someone wants to smother every square meter they find empty in the heart of Istanbul, instead of making areas where our children will run and play and our people will breathe.

Do you know about this project?

If not, we are ready to tell you what happened.

I'm calling out to you because; Since the day we took office, we still have not received an answer from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, where we request an appointment to explain urban problems such as Fikirtepe, Haydarpaşa, Söğütlüçeşme.

And as the Mayor of Kadıköy, I call out to my neighbors;

I would be against this injustice both as your mayor, as your neighbor and as a lawyer;

In Haydarpaşa and Söğütlüçeşme Station projects, I promise to stand by the mind, science, history and the city.

It is my duty and my neck to protect the rights of Kadıköy.

And in the face of this injustice, I would like to see my neighbors with me.

There is an absolute thing to do.

If we can't do anything,

As Dear Rıfat Ilgaz said,

You can open it and open our arms to both sides

We'll be railing.

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