ASELSAN Will Make The Police Speak With New Technologies

Digital Communication Network Project started to appear in Adana and İzmir provinces after Ankara and Istanbul provinces.

Digital Communication Network (Adana and İzmir, DMR + LTE) Project (Public Safety and Emergency Communication System) Contract was signed on 22.04.2020 between the Defense Industry Directorate and ASELSAN for the use of the General Directorate of Security. Within the scope of the project, DMR System will be installed for İzmir Provincial Security Directorate and DMR + LTE Public Security and Emergency Communication Systems will be installed for Adana Provincial Security Directorate.

Along with Adana and İzmir provinces, the installation of Encrypted National DMR Digital Radio System will be completed in 26 provinces for the General Directorate of Security. With the establishment of the province of Adana DMR + LTE Public Safety and Emergency Communication System, a narrow first time in Turkey Project at the Public Safety Communication Band + Wide-Band hybrid system installation will be carried out. In addition, the project will deliver 3810 Hybrid Handheld Terminals, which will be designed and produced entirely with ASELSAN equity for Adana Province. Deliveries are planned to be completed in 2021-2023.

Adana Provincial System will be a pilot system, and a road map will be determined to extend the Narrow Band + Broadband Hybrid system to all provinces.

With the Narrow Band + Broadband Hybrid System to be established, communication can be made uninterruptedly in terrorism, crisis and natural disaster situations, the response time to the event will be reduced, and fast, reliable, flexible, mobile and economic communication will be made, and video-crime scene monitoring and intervention activity will be increased with broadband video.

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