Training Plane Hürkuş Crashed in Ankara Test Flight

The training plane Hürkuş dropped in Beypazarı district of Ankara. Developed by Turkish Aviation and Space Industry, the Hürkuş training aircraft had an accident in Ankara during test flights. It was learned that 2 pilots survived by jumping with a parachute and were in good health.

In a statement made by TUSAŞ: “Hürkuş plane, which has a test flight today at 12.30 hours, had an accident in the Ankara Beypazarı region. The health conditions of our 2 pilots on the plane are in good condition and transferred to the hospital for control purposes. Investigations about the incident are ongoing, and the cause of the accident will be determined after the investigation. We respectfully present the information of the public. ” expressions were included.

President Yavaş: Get Well Soon

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş shared the message after the win over Twitter: Yavaş's message is as follows:

  • The news that the training plane named Hürkuş, who made a test flight in our city, had an accident in our district of Beypazarı, worried us all.
  • I wish all of our 2 pilots who survived by jumping from a plane with a parachute.

Good Condition for Pilots Jumping

Beypazarı Mayor Tuncer Kaplan shared the photos of the place where Hürkuş fell and used the following expressions:

  • The health conditions of our pilots on the plane were good and they were sent to the hospital for control.
  • Investigations are continuing.
  • The cause of the crash will be determined as a result of the researches to be conducted. Get well soon.

What is HÜRKUŞ?

Within the scope of the HÜRKUŞ project, it is aimed to design, develop, prototype production and international certification of an original training aircraft that will meet the training aircraft needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and can have a share in the world market, using domestic facilities.

In SSIK held on September 26, 2013, it was decided to start contract negotiations with TUSAŞ's proposal for mass production of TUSAŞ and HÜRKUŞ aircraft in order to meet the needs of 15 new generation basic training aircraft. As a result of the studies and negotiations made after this decision, the HÜRKUŞ-B Agreement was signed on December 26, 2013, and the production and assembly processes are ongoing.

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