The First Symptoms of Als are Nervous Jamming

ALS, known as the disease of motor neuron cells, seriously affects the life of both patients and their relatives. Neurology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Burcu Örmeci therefore pointed to the importance of early diagnosis in the disease. However, he said that mixing the symptoms of the disease with many diseases may delay the diagnosis.

ALS is known as a motor neuron disease that occurs as a result of self-illness and death of the cells in the brain and spinal cord, known as motor neurons, which are known to be working together with some well-known athletes. There are some assumptions about the emergence of this disease, the subject of which is still unknown. Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital Neurology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Burcu Örmeci, radioactivity, which are listed as universal factors, exposure to various harmful rays, exposure to harmful drugs and chemicals, heavy metals, some infections (especially some viral infections), poor nutrition, being under heavy load, causes many different causes in the emergence of the disease. He said it might be a factor. Explaining that genetic factors are effective in ten percent of patients, Assoc. Dr. Örmeci stated that some genes do not work or work incorrectly in these patients.


Assoc. Dr. According to the information provided by Burcu Örmeci, men are more unlucky than women in terms of getting ALS. Because the cause is unknown, the disease is more common in males than females. Stating that everyone in the average age group is in the risk group for ALS, Assoc. Dr. Burcu Örmeci said, “The average starting age can be seen more often after the age of 40, in the 50s. "It is unlikely to be diagnosed for the first time before the 30s and after the 80s, but everyone between the ages of 40 and 80, especially male sex, is a candidate for this disease."


Saying that the disease is manifested in the early period with a mild weakness and loss of muscle, which usually involves a certain muscle area, Assoc. Dr. Burcu Örmeci said the following about other complaints that may point to ALS: “The first findings are mostly unilateral and hand. For example, there may be weakness of the thumb in the right hand and a decrease in the swelling of the thumb in the palm area. Swallowing disorder may be the first finding in some patients and speech disorder in others. Less likely, low feet may occur due to the melting of the leg muscles. Because the patient cannot lift his feet, it can cause toes and falls while walking. ”

Saying that patients can perceive mild weakness as numbness, Assoc. Dr. Burcu Örmeci tells the first findings that there are excuses such as “I have worked hard, he has done,“ I have done a lot of cleaning, he is from it ”. Therefore, slight weaknesses can be ignored for a while. Likewise, findings related to swallowing or speech impairment can be tired of talking, allergies or reflux. ”


Noting that ALS symptoms are seen in many different diseases, Assoc. Dr. Knitter gave the following information: “Nervous compression in the wrist, nerve compression in the elbow, or nerve compression due to hernias are more common than ALS. Nerve compression in the wrist is known as "carpal tunnel syndrome", and nerve compression in the elbow is known as "cubital tunnel syndrome". Nerve squeezing due to hernias are quite common in both the waist and neck region and they mimic ALS very well. Some cancer diseases may also mimic ALS and may need to be investigated. Muscle diseases can be confused with ALS. The test called EMG is very important for the diagnosis of ALS in the differentiation of nerve compression and muscle diseases. ”


Stating that the disease is much more likely to occur after the age of 40, and the diagnosis is mostly made in the 5th and 6th decades, Assoc. Dr. Burcu Örmeci pointed out that as the age of diagnosis decreases, the problems that the patient may experience also increase. “Although the course may go a little better in patients diagnosed later, this is not a definite rule. He can be diagnosed at an early age and progressing very slowly, as well as patients who are diagnosed at an early age and progressing very fast. ”


Because of ALS, patients are at risk of some diseases because they cannot eat well and move well. Stating that all associated diseases accompanying ALS occur due to loss of function caused by ALS, Assoc. Dr. Örmeci said, "If the patient is very well cared for, very well fed, and very good physical therapy is done, ALS patients can survive for a very long time." The best example of this is very close zamit is Stephen Hawking that we lost now. "If the patients recognize their illness, avoid overly compulsive movements, and if they exercise regularly and in accordance with their own capacities, if they are well-fed, if they are protected from other diseases, the course of the disease will be positively affected".


Drawing attention to the importance of communication between patients and their relatives with physicians during the treatment process, Yeditepe University Hospital Neurology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Burcu Örmeci continued her words as follows: “Patients should have a doctor with whom they can communicate well and that their physicians recommend especially in terms of nutrition and respiratory support zamThey should be in harmony with the moments and the treatments they recommend. Patients should not only consult a doctor when a problem arises, they should be under regular medical supervision. This attitude is the most ideal for both the doctor, the patient and the patient's relatives during the treatment. In advanced stages, patients should now be supported with devices in terms of breathing and nutrition. Mistakes made usually happen in advanced stages. This is a process that is considered a bit difficult by the patient or patient relatives. The patient may experience distress due to respiratory or nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, when the doctor says that it is necessary to connect to the device for breathing or feeding, it should not be too stubborn "

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