A400M Military Transport Aircraft Koca Yusuf Receives Airborne Certificate


A400M Military Transport Aircraft, which is actively used by the Turkish Air Force Command, zamreceived instant paratrooper dispatch capacity certificate.

Developed by Airbus, the A400M Next Generation Military Transport Aircraft uses both side doors tozami Confirmed 116 (58+58) paratrooper dispatch capacity and zamhas successfully received the instant paratrooper dispatch capacity certificate.

The certification test, completed in May 2020 in coordination with the General Directorate of the French Armed Forces (DGA), and supported by the French and Belgian Armed Forces, was completed after a comprehensive parachuting activity consisting of more than 1.000 jumps with the implementation of new talent development methodologies.

Thus, the Parachute Battalion, which is connected to the Kayseri 130st Commando Brigade, which previously used the C-160 and C-1 platforms, will also be able to use A400M aircraft.

Source: savunmasanayist

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