The reason of the train accident that occurred in Malatya was determined


BirDün reached the information note of TCDD regarding the accident where two trains collided head-on in Malatya. According to the information note, the movement permit was canceled due to a malfunction in the machines of the train, which was allowed to move from Malatya. The details of why the train moved despite this were not included.

BirGün reached the first assessment of TCDD regarding the train accident in Malatya, where one machinist died and the other was 'lost'. In the information note prepared by TCDD regarding the accident, it was stated that one of the trains involved in the accident had a malfunction in their machines, so it was not allowed to move from Malatya. However, the details of why the train moved in spite of this were not included.

1 machinist was killed and 3 people were injured in the accident, which occurred as a result of the collision of two freight trains in the Battalgazi district of Malatya, Karabağlar District. The search for the mechanic Mehmet Ulutaş, who could not be reached after the accident, continues.

After the accident, TCDD 5th Regional Directorate officials also started an investigation. In the first information note prepared by TCDD regarding the accident, there are remarkable details.


In the information note prepared by the Traffic and Station Management Service Department and prepared to be presented to the Traffic and Station Management Department, there was a malfunction in the machines of the train moving from Malatya and involved in the accident.

It was recorded that this dispatch was canceled when it was found out that there was a malfunction in the machines, which was first referred to the 53076 coded train waiting in Malatya to move.

Thereupon, the 53007 coded train waiting in Battalgazi was shipped to Malatya. The train departed from Battalgazi at 01.58. The two trains collided between Malatya and Battalgazi at km 258 + 020.

The first information note prepared by TCDD did not include details about why the train with the code 53076 was moving despite the malfunction and cancellation of the shipment.


On the other hand, according to the news in the Mesapotamia Agency, BTS President Hasan Bektaş and union members were on the way to Malatya to find out the cause of the accident.


Stating that they have been trying to get an appointment from the General Manager of TCDD for about a month, BTS President Bektaş said, “Managers are not interested in railways but different things. We have lives on the railways, the shoots experienced and unassigned assignments cause carelessness in people. As a result, accidents happen. It may be a human error, but it is because of a peaceful working environment. Employees are forced to fault, "he said.


Bektaş stated that people who have no training in the railways are appointed, “Appointments that are not suitable for directing are made. Currently, there is no management to which railroad management is applied. Far from what it should be. This is the main reason for the accidents. ”

Emphasizing that TCDD General Manager intentionally increased the tension, Bektaş continued as follows: “I do not know what will get from the tension. The primary responsible for this accident is the Ministry of Transport, the General Manager of TCDD and the heads of departments under it. Necessary measures should be taken as soon as possible, the Ministry should say stop this trend. Shoots, unworthy assignments should be stopped as soon as possible. In an environment of stress and fear, accidents can happen at any time, there is no need to be a prophet to know this. ”

Source: One day

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