Passenger Capacity Decision in Bus and Metrobus in Istanbul


In line with the normalization experienced in the coronavirus epidemic process, it was decided to cancel the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in March, which was later tightened and that "half the number of passengers can be carried in public transport vehicles". In the cancellation statement, it was stated that the limits related to passenger transportation will be determined by the provincial sanitary boards. The Assembly of Hygiene, which was held under the chairmanship of the Governor of Istanbul today, determined the new rules of carriage. Accordingly, the number of seats will be seated in the vehicles, while the number of standing passengers has been determined as 3 in 1.

In line with the circular published by the Ministry of the Interior on June 1, 2020, the Istanbul Governorship Public Transportation Scientific Committee and the Istanbul Public Transportation Support Committee held a meeting yesterday and made recommendations to the Provincial Hygiene Council to be held today. The Provincial Hygiene Council convened today and determined new rules for public transportation in Istanbul.

Accordingly, social distance rules will be applied in all vehicles. In bus and metrobus vehicles carrying standing passengers, the number of passengers seated will be taken. However, the seats that are placed in a reciprocal arrangement can sit diagonally. In other words, passengers will be prevented from traveling face to face. In addition, one-third of the passenger capacity of standing passenger can be taken in these vehicles. The location of the buses, where passengers will be standing, will be determined by the labels to be attached to the floor. Passengers will be able to travel standing at these points.

In the past weeks, bus drivers and passengers and security guards in charge zaman zamImportant decisions were also made regarding the situation of overcoming vehicle capacity. According to the decision taken, police officers will be assigned at the Fleet Management Center of IETT to provide contact with the police forces. If the bus is full but tries to get on, the bus driver will stop the bus and inform the Fleet Management Center. The police officer on duty will immediately direct the security forces to the location of the relevant bus. Police forces will take criminal action against those who break the rules and try to get on buses even though their capacity is over.

According to the decision of the Provincial Sanitary Assembly, the practice of not receiving “maskless” passengers on vehicles will also be continued. All vehicles will have a hand sanitizer. The practice of disinfecting vehicles at the end of the voyage and, if possible, between the voyages will continue. Also, the points that passengers should stop at the social distance will be marked at the bus stops.

Police forces will also take criminal action not only for passengers trying to get on full buses, but for anyone who violates the established rules.

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