Flat Deliveries Begin at KIPTAS Silivri 3rd Stage Project


In KIPTAS Silivri 3rd Stage Social Housing Project, the apartments of one thousand 513 rights holders are starting to be delivered. In the ceremony, which will take place on Monday, the turnkey delivery of the first apartment will be made by İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu.

The delivery process of the apartment starts in the Silivri 3rd Stage Social Housing Project, which was completed by the İBB company KIPTAS. As of Monday, June 513, the apartments are reunited with their owners in the project, which includes 8 owners. At the ceremony to be held in the project area, the first family apartment will be delivered by İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu. Silivri 3rd Stage Houses drawing lot draw was held in the presence of a notary on Friday, May 22, with the participation of İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu.


Apartment deliveries are carried out meticulously within the scope of Covid-19 measures. KIPTAS management, which took great care to bring their families home on healthy days, prepared a detailed program by taking all precautions against the risk of epidemic. The delivery schedule and the rules to be followed were notified to the beneficiaries.


Silivri 3rd Stage Social Housing is located 5 minutes away from the E5 highway and TEM highway in the Alipaşa neighborhood of Silivri district. In the project, there are 447 2 + 1 flats, 66 3 + 1 flats as well as a primary school consisting of 26 classrooms, 4 laboratories, a mosque for 300 people, a health center and 7 commercial units.

April and May installments were postponed for two months for Silivri 3rd Stage beneficiaries who may have difficulties in the pandemic process, while the interim payment in May was arranged in four equal installments in July, August, September and October.

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