Ferrari to Update Engine and Gearbox for Austria

Ferrari to Update Engine and Gearbox for Austria
Ferrari to Update Engine and Gearbox for Austria

The Italian team arrived at the Australian GP, ​​the first race of the season, recognizing that it could be behind Mercedes and Red Bull.

In Melbourne, cars returned before they hit the track. This in between zamAt the time, Ferrari and all teams continued to develop their vehicles. Ferrari has changed this process in two key points.

Ferrari is known to be working on a problem first discovered in the gearbox and strengthening the system.

It is estimated that this strengthening study has more disadvantages in terms of weight and aerodynamics, making the system in the gearbox more robust and the rate of recovery is more in the face of negativity.

This will improve the vehicle's control characteristics and zamIt will contribute to tire performance and tire life.

Ferrari was the first team to use a titanium gearbox reinforced with carbon coating in 2004. This style of gearbox is now used by every team on the grid. Thanks to this modular design, suspension or aerodynamics can be changed without grid penalty.

Ferrari, the first team to use this solution, has much more experience with this design, but there have been no problems in this area over the years.

In 2012, Ferrari used a torque transfer bar to alleviate the loads placed on the transmission between the chassis and gearbox.

In 2016, in order to improve aerodynamics, the gearbox and internal suspension components were redesigned and thinned, thereby allowing more airflow passage under the gearbox. It did not work as expected and changes were made to strengthen the structure and compensate for losses.

Whether Ferrari's changes for 2020 will be necessary for Haas and Alfa Romeo, and whether customer teams will receive this update is not yet known.

Ferrari also worked on the power unit after tests in Barcelona. In this context, the season will begin with the updated power unit, not the power unit that was brought to Australia.

For version 2 engines, it is normally expected to complete the life of the first unit.

In Australia, the 1st unit is not yet considered to have been used, as vehicles have not been on the track. So the teams will appear to have used their first engines in Austria. This way, Ferrari will update without any loss.

The new power unit is thought to be 15 horsepower than the unit used in winter tests, and the team found some of the performance it lost while preparing for the 2020 rules.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto said that in Austria, where the first two races of the season will take place, their cars will largely be aerodynamically the same as the Australian package.

Austria is different from many tracks in terms of power unit, cooling and aerodynamic effect, as it is 660 meters above sea level. Although Binotto says the vehicle will be largely the same, he can say this to express that they will not make any changes to the concept. Minor changes in line with the characteristics of the Red Bull Ring will be on the vehicle.

More comprehensive changes, such as changes in the pre-pack of the vehicle, are expected to be made in the following races.

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