Russia, Turkey battles with 5th Generation Aircraft Announces Readiness to Co-operate


responsible federal service from Russia's military-technical cooperation fsvts'n President Dmitriy Şugayev, Russia's TF-X is a fifth generation fighter aircraft, especially the engines, avionics rating, the built-in system, the development of the fuselage and the pilot life support systems that see the opportunities to cooperate with Turkey told.

"In this context, there are potentially interesting areas where we can provide technological assistance, taking into account our experience of developing and manufacturing aircraft," said. said.

It is stated that offers can be made on aircraft engines, guidance and control systems, aerodynamics and fuselage.

Şugayev, on 2019 August 14 at the International Aerospace Show (MAKS-2019) for the development of Russia and Turkey warplanes announced that they are ready to discuss industrial partnership, he said.

Source: defenceturk

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