27 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Recalled at Fire Risk

Fire-Risking Bin Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Recalled
Fire-Risking Bin Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Recalled

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, one of the best selling minivan models of the American market, broke new ground in its class and went off the band with its plug-in hybrid power unit.

The car, which can cover a distance of about 50 kilometers by taking power from its electric motor and with zero emission, is now on the agenda with bad news.

Chrysler recalled 27 thousand 634 Pacifica Hybrid models that were incorrectly wired. Apparently, there is a big risk of fire due to electric cables that are incorrectly connected to the 12-volt battery system.

At Risk Of Fire


Chrysler continues to investigate this problem. As of now, less than 10 fires have been reported to the American auto giant due to this error. In one of these, the owner of the car was slightly injured. Two of the fires came out when the car was parked.

Chrysler has reported that at least one of these fires occurred in Minnesota, USA and the other in Canada.

A very serious mistake

A fire in cars is a terrible situation. Fortunately, Chrysler explained that this issue has nothing to do with the plug-in hybrid engine system used in the minivan model.

The battery is disconnected from the battery and the power system and cables that power the sliding doors cause a fire.

The Pacifica Hybrid model uses Chrysler's 3.6-liter V6 petrol engine and two electric power units. The tiny 16 kWh battery component has also taken its place in the vehicle.

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