Yesilkoy Emergency Hospital was put into service


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Yeşilköy Prof. Dr. He attended the opening of Murat Dilmener Emergency Hospital.

In his speech, hospital Istanbul, Turkey and Erdogan, who wished to be beneficial to the nation, Prof. Dr. Murat Dilmener said that the healthcare professionals and citizens they lost in the coronavirus epidemic, once again, denied the citizens with respect.

Erdogan said that Dilmener regards every patient who comes to him as an honorable creature regardless of his belief, origin, school, status, and that he embraces him with all the facilities and sincerity. We also wanted to show our loyalty to our teacher by giving his name to this hospital we built in Yeşilköy. On this occasion, I once again express my gratitude to our healthcare professionals for all the services they provide to our nation and their efforts during the epidemic period ”.

"Turkey is a country that collects on the note"

President Erdogan, Turkey's owned robust health infrastructure and general health insurance system with a country that had collected on the note told the secretion process. Erdogan continued his speech as follows:

“We know very well that our general health insurance, which covers almost all of our population and provides the same standard of service to everyone, is cared for. In the past 18 years, we have a health infrastructure that has been equipped with new buildings and devices, which we have completely renovated most of the existing ones. We are at the service of our nation with our health army, which includes 1 million 100 thousand from the doctor to the nurse and the support staff. With our city hospitals, the number of which is 11, has become a global model with its construction and operation method and service quality. ”

Likewise, Erdogan emphasized that they believe that these emergency hospitals, which they have completed and put into service before the epidemic period of two months, are an exemplary model, said, “We have managed to overcome the problem that many countries in the world are trying to solve by building permanent hospitals and prefabricated hospitals in a much shorter time. " said.

This hospital will serve the next person to Turkey for the diagnosis and treatment abroad transfers Erdogan, so that the country's health at the center of gravity to become position further strengthened, so he said they were doing a serious leap in health tourism.

“We must support this process together with the spirit of mobilization”

Erdogan said that the normalization steps initiated in parallel with the control of the epidemic will ensure that the restructuring process will not be left behind, “Every one of our 83 million citizens has a great responsibility in this regard. 3 concepts are very important, mask, distance and cleansing. It is imperative that we prevent the epidemic from rehousing by abiding by these sensitivities without compromise. Turkey targets to achieve big and strong, we need to support this process together with the mobilization of the soul. We trust our nation. ”

"Our emergency hospitals, are required projects for Turkey"

Speaking at the opening, the Minister of Health. Fahrettin Koca stated that they have taken another step that will add strength to the strength of the health system, the effect of which is noticeable, and that there are a number of hospitals that have been completed in Istanbul within a month or two.

Stating that they have tested the preparation for such disasters as well as natural disasters, especially earthquakes, Koca noted that Istanbul has got two emergency hospitals within this scope.

This concept (emergency hospitals) Husband voicing new to Turkey, "Our emergency hospitals, are required project for Turkey. We need strong safeguards against outbreaks and disasters. ”

Prof. previously opened Dr. Reminding the Feriha Öz Emergency Hospital, Koca said, “Professor. Dr. Murat Dilmener Emergency Hospital is not a periodical hospital, it is a permanent hospital. Its closed area is 75 thousand square meters. It is built on a total of 125 thousand square meters. It was built as a single storey due to earthquake resistance. Our health infrastructure brings 432 new beds, 1008 of which are intensive care. It has 16 fully equipped operating rooms. It will serve chronic kidney patients with approximately 100 dialysis units. In the spirit of all these projects, three things come together: Vision, execution, service ethics. The meeting of these three elements is a common feature of the brightest periods of our history. ”

“Normalization should not mean stepping back from the struggle”

Saying that he has messages he wants to give about the coronavirus epidemic, Minister Koca said, “The risk has not disappeared. Normalization should not mean stepping back from the struggle. Hand hygiene zamWe should care more than it does now. We must follow both the mask and the distance rule together. With the permission of Allah, we will defeat this epidemic, which took precious people from us, ”he said.

Yesilkoy Prof. Dr. Murat Dilmener Emergency Hospital to the opening of President Erdogan, as well as, Vice President Fuat Oktay, Health Minister Fahrettin husband, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu Contact President Fahrettin Altun, Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, AK Party Deputy Chairman spouse, Jews in Turkey Chief Rabbi İsak Haleva, the hospital named after Prof. Dr. Fulya Gençoğlu, daughter of Murat Dilmener, her son-in-law and grandchild also attended.

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