New Armored Audi A8 L Model Introduced

Audi A8 L

This vehicle, which looks like a normal Audi A8 L from the outside, is actually a high-armored Audi A8 L Security. model. Announced in Russia, the A8L Security is the same zama vehicle that doesn't compromise on luxury. For the Audi A8 L Security model, we can call it an armored sedan that combines the incredible luxury of the Audi A9 L, suitable for the VR8 degree of protection.

Not surprisingly, this armored Audi A8 L weighs almost 3.9 tons, but not all of this weight is armed. Almost every detail of the new Armored Audi A8 L is equipped with high-end safety equipment. In the trunk of the vehicle, there is an intercom system and a spare battery in an armored box.  

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According to the German brand, it takes about 8 hours to convert the standard A400 L to a Safety specification. In this process, vehicles are tested against various weapons, such as grenades, sniper rifles and fast fire.

If the doors cannot be opened properly in an emergency, there is even a built-in explosive system to blow the doors out of the hinges. There is also a fresh air system that blocks the air intakes of the vehicle and pumps fresh air for a limited time against any biological attack.

If we look at the performance values ​​of the vehicle, the Armored Audi A8 L provides a very high performance despite its weight. The vehicle used a 8 liter twin-turbo engine that produces 800Nm torque, which is also used in the Audi S4,0 model. In this way, it takes about 0 seconds for the armored Sedan to reach 100-6,3 km / h.

This shows that the vehicle is about 8 seconds slower than a standard S2.5, but given the weight of the armored sedan, this value is pretty good. In terms of price, this new armored Audi A8 L in Russia claims about $ 1,25 million. The delivery of the vehicle is expected in 2021.

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