First Teaser Video of New Nissan Z Model Released

First Teaser Video of New Nissan Z Model Released

Nissan long zamposted a video showing the silhouette of the new Z-model that has been anticipated since now. The arrival date of the new Nissan Z model, which is expected to replace the 350z and 370z models, has been announced.

Although the full name of the model is not yet known, the rumors are that the new model will be called the Nissan 400Z. The biggest reason for these rumors is that the twin-turbo 60 V400 unit serving on the Infiniti Q3.0 Red Sport 6 will serve on the new sports coupe with at least 400 horsepower.

The highly curved roof lines and muscular rear fenders of the new Nissan Z greet the 350z and 370z models. It is noticed in the Teaser video, although it is noticed that the front grille of the vehicle is slightly larger than the older models. In addition, the round-shaped LED headlights on the vehicle's headlights do not go unnoticed.

Teaser Video of the New Nissan Z Model:

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