Yamaha Trio Care Campaign

Yamaha Maintenance Campaign

With Yamaha's triple maintenance campaign, which focuses on the excellent customer experience and constantly introduces new approaches in service approaches, motorcycles are well-maintained and safe when life returns to normal ...

Motorcyclists who were eager to go on the road started to prepare their motorcycles waiting in the garage during the summer of Pandemi. In this process, Yamaha Motor, which produces advantageous solutions for the needs of motorcycle users with different campaigns, made them smile with its 3 different services for motorcycle maintenance. Yamaha offers up to 15 percent advantageous prices for fixed motorcycles up to June 50 for Fixing Maintenance Service, Free Check-up and Selected Original Spare Parts by June XNUMX.

3 steps to get on the road safely…

The first step in care Yamaha assurance prepare for the summer ... Yamaha motorcycle again recognize the best Yamaha ... Yamaha motorcycle owner you get complete service whatsoever in Turkey, where she Maintenance Kit and prepared Fixed Maintenance Service with a fixed price implementation. The user can get the same service and price from each dealer.

The second step is check-up… You have received the maintenance the motorcycle needs, but you have to crown the two wheels with mechanical control. It is possible to minimize the risks that can be encountered on the road with free mechanical checks that can be performed at 20 authorized Yamaha dealers until June 15. Spare parts needed for the motorcycle after mechanical control will be on sale by Yamaha at a discount of up to 50 percent.

Source: Hibya News Agency

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