Uber Dismisses 14 Percent of Employees Due to Outbreak

Uber Dismisses 14 Percent of Employees Due to Outbreak

Some zamunderstands Turkey as well as serving US-based car-sharing app Uber, corona virus (Covidien-19) is having a difficult time because of the outbreak. The company, which experienced a high amount of financial losses due to this epidemic, decided to dismiss 14% of its employees. Although this percentage seems small, for Uber, which has approximately 26.500 employees, it means the dismissal of 3.700 employees.

Uber recently announced that it had lost 2020 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2,9 and was in financial difficulties. In addition, there was a 3% decrease in revenue from Uber's main service, the vehicle sharing application. However, the Uber Eats service, which delivers food to homes, has increased by 54 percent in revenues. The main reasons for this increase are that restaurants only provide takeaway service during the quarantine period.

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