May 129 Celebration with T-19 ATAK Helicopter from TUSAŞ

Türk Havacılık ve Uzay Sanayii A.Ş. T-129 ATAK Offensive and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter, developed by (TUSAŞ), made a special flight to May 19, Remembrance of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day.

In the event organized by Turkish Aviation and Space Industry, TUSAŞ Helicopter Test Pilot Esra ÖZTÜRK broadcasted live from within ATAK Helicopter. It did not go unnoticed that the T-129 ATAK Helicopter, which hosts the live broadcast, is in Phase-II configuration. Faz-II is the most advanced configuration of T-129 ATAK helicopters.

With the live broadcast by TUSAŞ, the opportunity to see the ATAK Phase-II helicopter, which made its first flight in November 2019, was provided. The new equipment on the wing tips and nose of the T-129 ATAK Phase-II helicopter attracted a lot of attention.

In the ATAK PHASE-II / B2, which is planned to be handed over to the Land Forces Command this year, the Radar Warning Receiver System, Radio Signal Mixer, etc. not found in B1. There are 9681 V / UHF High Band Radio with electronic warfare systems. From ATAK PHASE-2 configuration, 21 helicopters will be delivered in the first stage.

A total of 50 T-9 ATAK Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopters by TUSAŞ, 41 (1 EDH + 6 Phase-I / B1) to the Land Forces Command and 56 (all B129) to the Gendarmerie Command. Delivered. In addition, in April, the first helicopter of the General Directorate of Security, which had a total of 9 T-129 ATAK orders, was taken to the assembly line.

Source: Defense Industry

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