Turkey in 2023 to the late Ray Length 25 Thousand Kilometers

Turkey's 2023 rail length will exceed 25 thousand kilometers. All lines will be renewed. Railways 10 percent share in the transportation of passengers, cargo will reach 15 percent, and Turkey will become the center of the railway ...

which is a transit country for energy in Turkey with natural gas and oil pipelines, the Asia-Europe-Africa triangular railway will become an important railway corridor. In 2023, the length of the rail will exceed 25 thousand kilometers. The renewal of all lines will be finished.

According to the news of Yasemin Asan from Yeni Şafak; Turkey completed the infrastructure for land and air, will give priority to work in the railways. In rail transport in this direction with TCDD TUBITAK partnership to provide Turkey's technological independence Rail Transportation Technology Institute was established. Turkey's railway technologies needed to be designed as a national technology transfer agreements will be organized. The Institute will develop new technologies for safer, faster and more efficient rail transport.

Railway Industry Will Be Improved

In parallel with the technological breakthrough, the rail network will expand. In line with the 2023 and 2035 targets, high-speed and conventional railway projects will be implemented, modernization of existing roads, fleet and stations, connection of the railway network to the production centers and ports, and the advanced railway industry will be developed with the private sector.

Steel Network Spreading

In line with the targets of Turkey said, gradually increases its high-speed rail network. The Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar-Uşak section of the Ankara-İzmir high-speed rail line and the Uşak-Manisa-İzmir section will be operational next year this year. Turkey's Trans-Asian central aisle to support the East-West and North-South axis of the double-track railway Departing from the goal of creating a corridor 1.213 km of high-speed rapid rail line 12 thousand 915 kms, 11 thousand 497 km of conventional railway the line will be increased from 2023 thousand 11 km to 497 thousand 12 km by 293. Thus, in 2023, the total track length will exceed 25 thousand kilometers. The renewal of all lines will be finished. Railway transport share will reach 10 percent in passenger and 15 percent in freight.

New 6 Thousand Km Rail for High Speed ​​Train

Between 2023-2035, new kilometers will be included in the steel infrastructure. In this period, an additional 6 thousand km of high speed railway will be built and the railway network will be 31 thousand kilometers. Intelligent transportation infrastructures and systems will be developed to enable the integration of the railway network with other transportation systems. By crossing the railway lines and connections at the Straits and the Gulf crossings, there will be an important railway corridor between the Asian-European-African continents. The share of the railroad in freight transport will increase to 20 percent, and passenger will increase to 15 percent.

Turkey's railway map

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