Was the ceremony canceled for the National Train to get on the tracks under the name TÜRASAŞ?

The cancellation of the ceremony, which is planned to be held on 29 May for the National Electric Train Set, the prototype of which was completed in TÜVASAŞ, raised many questions.

A National Electric Train Set with the use of domestic products for manufacturing projects in 2013 in Turkey Wagon Industry A.Ş. (TÜVASAŞ) was launched.


June 2019 for the train where the Train Control and Management System (TKYS), which is described as the "brain" of a train, and the Traction Chain System (main transformer, traction converter, auxiliary converter, traction motor and gearbox) with elements that are called the "heart" were developed by ASELSAN. Aluminum body production factory was established in.


From this date, TÜVASAŞ employees accelerated production with great mobilization. While the ministers visited TÜVASAŞ and examined the works in this process, the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, who came last in February, announced that the test drives will be launched on 29 May.


With a ceremony to be held on May 29, the anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul, a ceremony was expected for the National Electric Train Set to be put on the rails for testing. However, TÜVASAŞ announced that there will be no such ceremony on Tuesday.


The cancellation of the ceremony created various question marks in mind. As is known, Turkey and the fourth President decree published in the Official Gazette on March Rail System Utilities Industry Corporation (TÜRASAŞ) was established. It was decided to merge TÜVASAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ under this company in Sakarya. It is stated that the reason for the cancellation of the ceremony is to complete the installation of TÜRASAŞ and to put the National Electric Train Set on the tracks with this name. (Kaan GÜMÜŞEL / Sakarya YeniNews)

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