Tever made a statement about the National Electric Train Ceremony

AK Party Sakarya Provincial President Yunus Tever made a statement regarding the cancellation of the national electric train on the rails.

The cancellation of the ceremony planned to be held on 29 May for the National Electric Train Set, the prototype of which was completed in TÜVASAŞ, marked the agenda. AK Party Sakarya Provincial Chairman Yunus Tever made statements on his twitter account about the cancellation of the ceremony.

Yunus Tever's statement on his twitter account is as follows; “The Tüvasaş factory, which is an important value of our Sakarya, was planning to hold a publicity ceremony on 29 May for the Electric National Train Project, which was completed in a short time with completely local and national facilities. Due to the difficulties and responsibilities of the pandemic process in the world and in our country, it was deemed appropriate to postpone the introduction of the electric shaft train to a later date by our Ministry of Transport. Therefore, we do not find it appropriate to take the subject to another side. ”

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