Tesla managed to sell 1 million cars

Tesla managed to sell 1 million cars

Tesla Managed to Sell 1 Million Cars. Tesla succeeded in bringing the 10 millionth electric car off the production line on March 2020, 1. It also announced that the 1 millionth electric car was a Tesla Model Y. Now, the electric car giant Tesla has announced that it has managed to sell 1 million electric cars. Tesla also announced that the best-selling model duo of these vehicles is the Model 3 and Model Y. In this way, Tesla became the first automobile manufacturer to sell 1 million electric cars among automobile brands worldwide.

To compare this figure with other major automakers, Nissan has sold 500 electric cars so far, and Chinese-based manufacturer BYD has sold 370 electric cars. Considering these figures, we can clearly understand that Tesla has achieved an important success.

Tesla aims to increase its production capacity to 800 thousand electric vehicles annually with its new investments. Achieving this goal zamTesla is estimated to easily reach 2 million sales in about 2 years.

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