TCDD Announces Conditions of Purchase Contracted Machinist


The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of Transport, Inc. in the terms of the contract will be employed mechanic, was determined principles and procedures for the examination to be held by the shape of the examination commission.

Contracted Machinist Examination and Appointment Regulation to be Employed at the General Directorate of TCDD Tasimacilik Anonim Şirketi was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. With the regulation, the conditions to be sought for those who will be appointed for the first time openly to the contracted machinist position, the form of the entrance exams to be held, and the procedures and principles regarding the exam commission were determined.

According to the regulation published by TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. in the Official Gazette;

1- Entrance exam consists of written and oral / practical exams. Written examination; ÖSYM can be made by universities and the Ministry of National Education or other public institutions and organizations specialized in this field.

2- Exam announcement will be announced at least thirty days before the written exam date.

3- The graduates of the department related to the rail systems with at least 70 from KPSS will be able to apply, and 10 times the maximum number of positions opened will be taken to the written exam.

4- Professional knowledge will be asked in written exam.


It was published in the Official Gazette No. 22 dated May 2020, 31134.

Transport of the Republic of Turkey State Railways Joint Stock Company Headquarters:



Purpose, Scope, Basis and Definitions


ARTICLE 1 - (1) The purpose of this Regulation; The Republic of Turkey State Railways Transport Joint Stock Company General Directorate of 22 dated and 1 numbered Decree subject to contract for the first time assigned to conditions to be met for those to be openly to engineer position, the shape of the entrance examination will be held to determine the procedures and principles regarding the examination commission with implementation.


ARTICLE 2 - (1) This regulation, 18 dated and 3/2002 numbered Council of Ministers Decision, promulgated the Public Quest to the First Time to do to be appointed Exams About the Republic of Turkey outside the General Regulations of the State Railways Transport of Joint Stock Company Headquarters No. 2002 It covers those who will be appointed openly for the first time to the contract mechanic position subject to the Decree Law.


ARTICLE 3 - (1) This Regulation is the 399th article of the Decree-Law No. 8, Decree-Law on Public Economic Enterprises No. 8 dated 6/1984/233 and the Decision No. 15 dated 10/2019/1661 and annexed to the Decision No. 7. It was prepared on the basis of.


ARTICLE 4 - (1) In this Regulation;

a) The Director General of Republic of Turkey General Manager of the State Railways Transport Joint Stock Company,

b) The Directorate General of Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Transport Joint Stock Company,

c) Entrance exam: An exam consisting of written and oral / applied sections for candidates,

ç) KPSS: Public Personnel Selection Exam held for the group (B) staff in accordance with the General Regulation on Exams to be Made for the First Time for Public Assignments,

d) Machinist (train machinist): Receiving the traction vehicles and train prepared in accordance with the legislation, work instructions, occupational health and safety, environmental and quality standards, in a safe, comfortable and economical way within the working time and working rules determined by the legislation, , qualified technical person who manages and manages,

e) ÖSYM: Measurement, Selection and Placement Center,

f) Exam commission: The commission responsible for conducting and evaluating the entrance exam procedures in a manner confidential and without any hesitation and hesitation,

g) Train driver's license: It refers to the document proving that a train driver has the health conditions, psychotechnical and professional qualifications required to do his job safely.


Principles Regarding Entrance Examination

Formation of examination commission

ARTICLE 5 - (1) An examination commission is formed to carry out the examination procedures. The examination commission consists of a total of five permanent members, with three members to be determined by the Head of the Personnel and Administrative Affairs under the chairmanship of the General Manager or the Deputy General Manager appointed by the General Manager. In addition, four substitute members are determined by the General Manager in the same manner and in case the original members cannot join the exam commission for any reason, the substitute members join the exam commission according to the order of determination.

(2) Chairman and members of the exam commission; Even if they are divorced, even if their blood and marriage relationship including third degree ends, their beech relatives, those who have adopted a bond with them or their spouses, their fiancées, those who are empowered as their own or spouse's guardian, guardian, trustee or legal counselor cannot participate in the exam. A substitute member is appointed in place of the members who are in this situation.

The duties of the examination commission

ARTICLE 6 - (1) The examination commission is responsible and authorized for determining the matters to be included in the announcement of the entrance examination, conducting the examination, examining and finalizing the objections and carrying out other procedures related to the examination.

(2) The examination commission meets with the total number of members and takes decisions by majority of votes. During voting, abstaining votes cannot be cast. Those who do not agree must state their votes against them with their justifications.

(3) Secretariat services of the examination commission are carried out by the Personnel and Administrative Affairs Department.

Entrance examination

ARTICLE 7 - (1) Entrance exam, vacancies and according to need zamIt is done by the examination commission at moments. The entrance exam consists of written and oral / practical exams.

(2) Exam commission written exam; ÖSYM has the universities and the Ministry of National Education or other public institutions and organizations specialized in this subject. The exam related issues are determined by the protocol between the General Directorate and the institution to which the exam will be held.

Entrance exam announcement

ARTICLE 8 - (1) The conditions for taking the entrance exam, the form of the exam, the date and place of the exam, the minimum KPSS score, the place and date of application, the form of the application, the documents to be requested in the application, the internet address, the subject of the exam, the number of positions planned to be appointed and the required other issues seen at least thirty days before the written exam date It is announced in the Official Gazette and on the website of the General Directorate and on the website of the institution determined by the President.

Entrance exam requirements

ARTICLE 9 - (1) Those who want to take the entrance examination must meet the following conditions as of the application deadline:

a) To carry the general conditions stated in the article 399 of the Decree Law 7.

b) To have a train driver's license.

c) To provide at least one of the following formal education conditions:

1) To graduate from one of the rail systems technology field of rail systems electric-electronic, rail systems machinery, rail systems mechatronics branches of secondary education institutions providing vocational and technical education.

2) Two-year vocational schools; to graduate from one of the departments of rail systems electrical and electronic technology, rail systems machinery technology, rail systems road technology, rail systems mechanic, rail systems management, machinery, engine, electricity, electrical-electronics.

3) Having graduated from four-year engineering, rail systems or technical teacher undergraduate programs of universities.

d) To have received the minimum score determined in the entrance exam announcement, not less than seventy points from the KPSS, whose validity period continues as of the education level graduated.

Entrance exam application procedures

ARTICLE 10 - (1) Entrance exam applications can be made in person or by mail to the address specified in the advertisement or online, if specified in the advertisement.

(2) Candidates who want to take the entrance exam, attach the following documents to the application form they will obtain from the website of the Head Office:

a) Original or certified copy of the diploma or graduation certificate (original or certified copy of the diploma equivalence certificate for those who have completed their education abroad).

b) Computer output of KPSS result document.

c) Train driver's license.

ç) Resume.

d) 3 passport size photographs.

e) Photocopy of the original identity card of the Turkish Republic by presenting the original.

f) Written statement that there is no mental or physical disability that may prevent him from performing his duty.

g) Written declaration that male candidates are not related to military service.

ğ) Other documents requested in the office.

(3) Except for the acceptance of applications over the internet, the documents listed in the second paragraph must be submitted to the General Directorate until the end of the working hours. These documents can be approved by the Personnel and Administrative Affairs Department, provided that they are originally submitted.

(4) For applications made by mail, the documents listed in the second paragraph must have reached the Directorate General until the deadline stated in the entrance examination announcement. Applications that are registered to the General Directorate after the delays in the mail and the deadline for overtime are not taken into consideration.

Evaluation of applications

ARTICLE 11 - (1) The Personnel and Administrative Affairs Department examines the applications made within the time period prescribed for the exam, and determines whether the candidates meet the required requirements. Applications that are found not to meet any of the required conditions will not be evaluated.

(2) Candidates who meet the required conditions are subject to a ranking, starting from the candidate with the highest score in the KPSS score type specified in the advertisement and not exceeding ten times the number of positions planned to be appointed. Candidates with the same score as the last candidate in terms of KPSS score type are also invited to the entrance exam. The names, surnames and exam places of the candidates listed are announced on the General Directorate website at least ten days before the entrance exam. In addition, candidates who apply for the exam are notified of their application results in written and / or electronically.

(3) Those who do not qualify for the application conditions and candidates who cannot enter the rankings are submitted to them in case of personal request within thirty days from the announcement of the name list of those who can take the entrance exam.

Written exam and topics

ARTICLE 12 - (1) All of the written part questions of the entrance exam are prepared from the professional field information specified in the entrance exam announcement.

(2) Exam questions consist of the following topics:

a) Basic and occupational occupational health and safety (OHS).

b) Maneuvering and driving applications.

c) Railway traffic and train operation.

ç) Professional culture, environmental protection and intervention to extraordinary situations.

d) Turkish language and expression.

(3) Evaluation of the written exam is done over a hundred full points. In order to be successful in the exam, it is necessary to get at least seventy points.

Call for oral / applied exams

ARTICLE 13 - (1) Among the candidates who get at least seventy points out of one hundred full points from the written exam; The names of candidates (including those who score equal points with the last candidate), which are three times the number of positions planned to be appointed starting from the highest score in the written exam, are also announced on the website of the General Directorate by indicating the date and place of the oral / applied exam. In addition, the candidates who will take the oral / practical exam are informed about the date and place of this exam in written and / or electronic form.

(2) The number of candidates to be invited to the oral / applied exam cannot exceed 40% of the number of candidates invited for the written exam.

Oral / applied exams

ARTICLE 14 - (1) Candidates in the oral examination;

a) Subjects related to the field of activity of the General Directorate together with the subjects mentioned in the announcement of the entrance exam,

b) Comprehending and summarizing a subject, ability to express and reasoning power,

c) Qualification, representation ability, suitability of behavior and reactions to the profession,

d) General ability and general culture level,

d) Openness to scientific and technological developments,

Based on (a) clause, fifty (b) to (d) whole clause is evaluated on a total of one hundred points. The scores given by each member of the exam commission are recorded separately and the oral exam score of the staff is determined by taking the arithmetic average of the scores given by the members over one hundred full points. Those who get at least seventy points out of a hundred in the oral exam are considered successful.

(2) Applied exam, according to the procedures and principles specified in the announcement.

Announcement of entrance exam results and objection to exam results

ARTICLE 15 - (1) At least 70 points must be taken from each of the written and oral / applied exams in order to be considered successful in the entrance exam. Candidates' final success score is found by taking the arithmetic average of the written and oral / applied exam grades. According to these arithmetic averages, success order is created. By examining the candidates in order of success starting from the highest score, the exam commission determines as many candidates as the number of cadres announced and as many as half the candidates as a reserve, and ties this to a report. If the calculated number of substitute candidates is defective, an upper integer is taken as the basis. While ranking in the main and reserve lists, the candidate with a high written score is given priority if the candidates' entrance exam score is equal, and the candidate with a high KPSS score if the written score is equal. The final success list determined by the exam commission is sent to the Directorate of Personnel and Administrative Affairs.

(2) Success list will be announced on the bulletin board and on the website of the General Directorate. In addition, the results of the successful candidates are notified in writing and they are asked to submit the documents.

(3) An objection can be made to the exam commission in writing within seven days of the announcement of the written and oral / practical exam results. Appeals are examined and resolved by the exam commission within seven days from the end of the objection period. The result of the appeal is notified to the candidate in writing.

(4) The final success list is announced by the exam commission within seven days following the last day of the oral / practical exam.

(5) Having a score of seventy and above in the entrance examination does not constitute an acquis right for the candidates who cannot be ranked. If the number of those who pass the exam is less than the number of positions announced, only those who succeed are considered to have passed the exam. Taking part in the reserve list does not constitute a vested right or any priority to candidates for subsequent exams.


ARTICLE 16 - (1) Exam winners of the exam in the application form of the exam or the documents found to be found to be incorrect test results are deemed invalid and assignments are not made. It is canceled even if the assignments have been made. They cannot claim any rights.

(2) Criminal complaints are made to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor about those who are found to have misrepresented or given documents.

Storage of examination documents

ARTICLE 17 - (1) Documents related to the examination of those appointed, in the personal files of those concerned; Exam documents of those who fail and cannot be appointed for any reason despite being successful are kept by the Directorate of Personnel and Administrative Affairs for one year.


Assignment and Notification to Contracted Personnel Position

Documents to request before assigning

ARTICLE 18 - (1) Candidates who pass the entrance exam are asked for the following documents:

a) Document stating that male candidates are not related to military service.

b) Six passport size photos.

c) Criminal record.

ç) Health board report to be obtained from full-fledged public health service providers that there is no mental or physical disability that may prevent the details mentioned in the project to do its duty.

(2) Assignments that do not deliver these documents are not made.

Assignment to the contracted staff position

ARTICLE 19 - (1) As a result of the exam, candidates are appointed as many as the number of cadres to be announced.

(2) Those who succeeded in the examination are not considered to be invalid, and the results of the exam are not voided, even if done.

(3) Assignments are not made before waiver is made.

(4) The appointments of those whose appointments are not started within 15 days without compelling reasons to prove with the document are canceled. If the fact that they are not able to start the task due to possible compelling reasons with the document exceeds two months, the appointment process is canceled by the authorities authorized to appoint.

(5) Those who do not submit their documents for appointment within the deadline, those who are listed in the second, third and fourth paragraphs, and those who leave their positions for various reasons after their appointment and start their duties, are among the candidates who are in the reserve list within six months from the date of the announcement of the list regarding the winners. assignment can be made.


Miscellaneous and Final Provisions


ARTICLE 20 - (1) Information about those who succeeded in the entrance examination, who were appointed and started to work, and those who did not start the job even though their assignment was canceled or whose assignment was canceled, to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services through the Public e-Application system within 15 days from the date of the said transactions. reported.

No provision

ARTICLE 21 - (1) In cases where there is no provision in this Regulation, the Civil Servants Law No. 14 dated 7/1965/657, the Decree Law No. 399, the General Regulation on Examinations to be Taken for the First Time in Public Positions and other relevant legislation provisions are applied.


ARTICLE 22 - (1) This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.


ARTICLE 23 - (1) The provisions of this Regulation Republic of Turkey State Railways Transport Joint Stock Company executed by the Director General.

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