Suzuki V-Strom DL1050 in Turkey to Newest Family

Newest of the Suzuki V Strom DL1050 family in Turkey

Suzuki V-Strom DL1050 Family New in in Turkey! Suzuki, which stands out with its durability in the motorcycle world, introduced the new DL1050, the most powerful of the V-Strom series, which marked the adventure class. Began to be sold in Turkey as of May 1050 and 1050XT V-Stromer will be two versions of Adventure's way. The technological features of the model, which draws attention with its retro design, especially highlighted. Featuring features such as Suzuki Intelligent Driving System, Motion Tracking Brake System, Hill Start Control System, Slope Dependent Control System and Driving Mode Selection, the 5-hp V-Twin engine that meets Euro106 norms provides dynamic driving. It is possible to have V-Strom for the prices starting from 149 thousand TL.

Motorcycles Suzuki of the leading brands of the world, the most powerful member of dl1050'y adventure of choosing the V-Strom series of lovers offered for sale in Turkey. V-Strom 1050, inspired by Suzuki's legendary off-road motorcycles DR-Z and DR Big models; With its V-Twin engine, which offers easy maneuverability, sportiness, new generation technologies and high performance, it reveals its claim strongly. From $ 149 thousand in Turkey since May began to be offered for sale with prices starting new member of the V-Strom series, 1050 and appeared before the 1050 XT motorcycle enthusiast hardware versions.

The characteristic front beak design, first implemented by Suzuki, gets a more aggressive and thicker look with the new generation V-Strom 1050 and 1050 XT. The bronze-plated cylinder head, magneto cover, water pump cover and clutch cover create an impressive contrast with the black engine body. The vertically positioned headlamp with its unique rectangular shape clearly illuminates road surfaces and safety lanes. The tapered aluminum handlebar enhances the off-road feel.

High technology, security, full control

The V-Strom 1050 incorporates the features of the "Suzuki Intelligent Driving System", giving its user a sense of complete control and confidence. Among these systems; Motion Tracking Braking System, which enables ABS to be activated even when it is leaning, Hill Start Control System that prevents slipping when braking uphill, Tilt-Dependent Control System that prevents the lifting of the rear wheel downhill, Cruise Control System that maintains the determined speed without the need to operate the throttle and weight Load Dependent Control System that offers optimum braking. 3 different Suzuki Driving Modes offer the driver different operating modes, from sharp throttle response to the softest. Traction Control System continuously monitors front and rear wheel speed, throttle position, crankshaft and gear positions and ignition. zammanages the moment and air outlets.

Driving pleasure is maximized with the V-Strom 1050

The durable double-sided aluminum chassis in the V-Strom 1050 helps to maintain balance in the engine and road handling, while the suspensions can be adjusted to the conditions of use. Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 tires, which come as standard, complete the driving pleasure of the motorcycle. The height-adjustable windshield and comfortable seats adjustable up to 20 mm in height also help reduce fatigue when driving longer. In the multifunctional LCD display instrument panel, which is located in 1050 and can also be directed with the button on the left handlebar handle; speedometer, digital indicator, gear indicator, km counter, instant and average fuel consumption, driving range, safety and engine indicator information are included. The USB output on the left of the instrument panel can be used as a power source for smartphones, navigation and similar devices.

Performance, economical and environmental engine

V-Strom 1050, the pioneer of the new generation, makes a difference with its engine features and meets the new Euro5 emission standards. The 1037 cc water-cooled 90 degree V-Twin engine provides high performance by producing 8500 HP power at 106 rpm. The refined engine, which maximizes driving pleasure in different situations such as the city, rural roads, wind crossings, dirt roads, also provides an advantage with an average fuel consumption of 100 liters per 4,9 km. Low RPM assist system and electronic throttle in the engine; it facilitates the driver's movement after a stop and sudden maneuvers. Also the camshaft and zamunderstanding, dual ignition technology, engine control module and functions such as liquid-cooled oil cooler are among the features that increase engine efficiency.

Source: Hibya News Agency

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