Suzuki Starts Home Delivery Car Service

Suzuki Starts Home Delivery Car Service

Suzuki Starts Home Delivery Automobile Service. Suzuki Turkey, at the door without leaving their home delivery facility of car lovers, car owner could be zero kilometer "Suzuki on my door" for the commissions. Doğan Holding Automotive Group Companies CEO Kağan Dağtekin said, “In the application where the sales processes can be completed remotely, your purchasing and delivery transactions come to your door,” and conveyed the details, “For our customers who have stayed at their homes due to the Covid-19 epidemic and have difficulties in their automobile buying and selling processes. We're launching Suzuki's At My Door program. "Our application makes the process very easy by carrying zero-kilometer vehicles and all necessary transactions to the door, including signature processes."

In March last year in all Suzuki dealers in Turkey started the online calling service, an innovative step to facilitate the users to have a car exiting the house spends more lives. The "My Suzuki is at My Door" application, which started with the video call service, enables the transactions such as the deposit, sales contract and payment of the Suzuki model that the users want to buy, easily and reliably completely over the internet. Suzuki's authorized dealers, such as allocation status, order form, loan application, license plate registration, are carried out by Suzuki authorized dealers. As a result of the transactions, while the car is left at the door with a tow truck, all remaining legal processes can be completed by the signature method at the door.

“We carry the zero kilometer vehicle purchase to the door”

Stating that they continue to implement systems that can easily meet automobile needs without risking the health of people, Doğan Holding Automotive Group Companies CEO Kağan Dağtekin said, “We are going through a very sensitive period due to the new type Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic. In this context, we have taken some measures for both our authorized dealers and our customers. The first of these measures was our online video calling service. Then, with the contraction in automotive sales felt in our country in April, we have taken another step towards our customers who continue to experience disruptions in their car buying-selling processes by staying at their homes. In this context, we started “My Door at My Door”, an application that allows for end-to-end sales and people can buy cars without leaving their homes. “My Suzuki is at My Door” makes life easier by moving zero kilometers of vehicles to the door. In the application, where many processes can be carried out by our authorized dealers, we bring the car to the door and complete your purchases on delivery. Thus, car lovers can have a zero kilometer Suzuki without leaving their homes ”.

Stressing that the home delivery car sales service is gradually beginning to be on the agenda of many brands, Dağtekin said; “It is true that there is a good in every evil. Due to Covid-19, all automotive companies started to attract many digital services they planned in the long term in the world and in our country. Thus, this problem encouraged us to put in service new services. ”

Source: Hibya News Agency

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