Details of the Controlled Normalization Process Circular in Hotels

Details of the circular titled “Controlled Normalization Process in Accommodation Facilities” prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism were announced.

As it is known, within the scope of the measures to prevent the spread of the New Coronary Virus (COVID-19) epidemic, which was included in the scope of “Pandemic” by the World Health Organization, the control normalization process has been started.

Following the successful fight against the epidemic, it is foreseen that the travel and tourism activities will be restarted in a healthy process.

In this context, in order to carry out tourism activities safely, it is necessary to take the following measures and ensure their continuity in accommodation facilities that are still active or will start operating.


During the activities of tourism enterprises, precautions announced by the relevant public institutions or organizations are fully followed.

A protocol covering COVID-19 and hygiene rules / practices is prepared throughout the enterprise, the protocol is regularly evaluated, updated considering the problems encountered in practice, the solutions brought and measures implemented by public institutions or organizations. Under the protocol, showing signs of disease
The approach of the personnel to the customer and the actions to be taken are also defined. In addition, a social distance plan is prepared for general usage areas.

Written information about COVID-19 precautions and practices is provided in the acceptance of guests, and visual information about the rules and social distances that are applied / obeyed in places where the guest and the staff can easily see the facility. Social distance markings are made wherever rows can occur.

In case of determination of the guest or personnel with suspicion of the disease, the authorities are informed, the patient is isolated by the health institution until the transfer is taken, the services are provided by the personnel who have taken security precautions. It is provided.


Accommodation facilities accept guests at a determined capacity, while maintaining social distance rules.

Guests are welcomed with thermal camera or contactless fever measurement applications, disinfection carpets (mats) and hand disinfection at the entrance to the facility. Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are provided to be given to guests upon request.

Guests are asked to be informed about whether their locations, chronic conditions, if any, have COVID-14. As far as possible, contactless payment is charged.


In-elevator landmarks and written information regarding the use of elevators in accordance with social distance rules are provided.

Dining / meeting rooms, cake lounge, multipurpose hall, conference hall, lobby, reception area, sitting room, game hall, showroom, entertainment, animation areas, bar, discotheque, sales units, sitting / waiting / outdoor areas food and beverage arrangements and all general areas of use, including pool surroundings and shade / sunbed groups on the shore are arranged in accordance with the social distance plan, necessary measures are taken regarding social distance, markings are made and guests are not accepted more than the capacity according to the plan.

Social distance condition is not required for the guests who stay in the same room or are from the same family, in the use of general places.

Units such as playgrounds, children's club, amusement park, playground-area reserved for children within the facility are not put into service.

Hand disinfectant or antiseptic is kept at the entrance of general use areas and general customer toilets, as well as in different places of wide general use areas. If possible, the entrance doors of the public toilets are arranged as an automatic door system.

If the units such as gymnasiums and gymnasiums are put into service, a reservation system is applied to ensure its safe use, the number and duration of the people to use it at the same time are limited, after each use, hygiene materials and areas of use are provided with hygiene materials. In these spaces, products such as soap, shampoo, shower gel are offered to the guest for single use.

SPA units such as Turkish baths, saunas, massage units are not put into service in the facilities that do not have a Healthy Tourism Certificate.

Beach-pool towels are offered to guests for use in closed bags or by staff.

The distance between the tables where food service is provided is 1,5 meters and 60 cm between the chairs next to each other. Service personnel take care to maintain distance rules and avoid contact during service.

In case of open buffet application, plexiglass or similar barrier is made in a way that prevents the guest access to the guest side of the buffet, and the service is provided by the kitchen staff.

The vehicles such as tea / coffee machine, water dispensers, beverage machine in the general usage areas are removed or the guest is provided service through the service personnel. Hygiene cleaning is performed with alcohol-based products after every guest use of items such as dining tables, chairs, service items, sugar, salt, spices, napkins, menus.

If possible, disposable sugar, salt, spices, napkins are used.


Regular health check of the personnel is performed, periodic information is obtained from the personnel so that the people they live with can be monitored in terms of COVID-19.

Special training is provided to all staff on epidemics and hygiene.

There is a thermal camera or contactless fever measurement applications, disinfection mats and hand disinfection or antiseptic at the personnel entrance.

Personnel are provided with personal protective equipment (such as masks, surgical masks, gloves, visors) suitable for contact with the guests and the environment, and the usage is monitored and monitored,

Daily cleaning and hygiene of personnel clothes are provided.

Care is taken to employ the same staff as much as possible in the same shift.

The dressing-shower-toilet and common eating and resting areas of the staff are arranged in accordance with the social distance conditions, arrangements such as landmarks, lanes and barriers are made, if necessary, the cleaning and disinfection of these areas are provided regularly.

If there is a personnel housing on site or in a separate place, maximum 4

Accommodation is provided in rooms, no accommodation in the ward system, cleaning, hygiene and health measures of the lodgings and food and beverage units are provided under the conditions applicable to the guest units, and non-personnel access to these units is not allowed. The rules for keeping the contact of people who are temporarily accepted to the facility due to supply of goods or other reasons (repair, maintenance, etc.) to a minimum are determined and implemented. In addition, these people are ensured to perform their operations by protecting the social distance rule and using protective equipment.

In case of detection of disease symptoms in personnel, it is ensured that they apply to the nearest health institution.


All areas are cleaned with appropriate disinfection materials according to the quality of the surface and with proper frequency, traceability records of these applications are kept.

Floors of toilets, toilets, urinals, sinks, faucets and faucets, door handles are frequently cleaned, disinfected and traceability records are kept. Liquid soap is kept constantly.

Periodic maintenance of the ventilation and air conditioning system and other tools, equipment, materials, equipment such as laundry and dishwasher and sterilization of the necessary ones are provided.

Hand-intense surfaces such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, electrical buttons, post device, television control, telephone, towel card, room card or key, water heaters in the rooms are frequently cleaned with disinfectant and traceability records are kept.

Customer rooms, hand-touched surfaces in the rooms and equipment such as telephone, remote control, water heater, door-window handles are cleaned with disinfected products when the guest's stay ends. In the rooms, disposable boucle materials and information forms are provided as much as possible.

Guest bedroom cleaning is done by personnel wearing masks, using disposable gloves for each customer room. Towels, bed linen, pillows and linens of the customer or staff room diagnosed with Covid-19 are collected separately and washed separately.

Natural ventilation of closed areas is often provided. Filters of air conditioners / ventilation systems are changed frequently.

Waste boxes with gray covers are placed in personnel usage areas and customer general usage areas, it is stated that these boxes are only for materials such as masks and gloves, these wastes are not combined with other wastes during disposal.

Cleaning and hygiene of the kitchen and related areas, all kinds of equipment and equipment used in the kitchen, counter and storage areas are provided regularly.

In the production of raw materials and products to the food production area and in the kitchen area, necessary hygiene barriers, sterilization devices, tools and equipment for hand and body hygiene are kept. Non-staff can not enter the kitchen areas.

All foods are stored in closed cabinets or covered. To prevent cross-contamination, foods prepared with untreated foodstuffs are stored separately in the kitchen. Also, no foodstuffs are brought into contact with the floor.

Kitchen personnel use work clothes and personal protective equipment during the work, regularly wash and disinfect their hands.

In the kitchen, visual / written information is given about the rules that the staff must follow and good hygiene practices.

Service materials (including bars, snack bars) are washed in the dishwasher throughout the facility.

Cleaning and hygiene of the pool water, pool and beach surroundings azamto the extent provided,

Chlorine level is kept between 1-3 ppm in outdoor pools and 1-1,5 ppm in indoor pools. Traceability records of periodic measurements are kept.

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