The new Ford Kuga in Turkey

New Ford Kuga

Advanced technology, superior comfort, safety and stylish design, a combination of the future suv's the new Ford Kuga is Ford's best-selling SUV model in Europe in Turkey, which Kuga, now brand new and stylish design, come with ergonomic and refined living space Turkey introduces technologies.

The new Kuga offers a superior level of safety with advanced applications such as Ford Co-Pilot 360˚, Blind Spot Warning System, and Collision Prevention Assist with Pedestrian Detection. New Ford Kuga designed with a superior sense of comfort; B&O Sound System, Dynamic LED Headlight System, Active Parking Assistant, 180 ˚ Front View Camera, 12,3 inch Digital Instrument Panel, 2nd Row Sliding Seat Design, Heated Rear Seats and Eye Level Indicator Panel, it includes rich equipment at the point of technology.

New Ford Kuga Engine Options

While supporting the efficiency, the new Kuga turns trips into pleasure without sacrificing high performance. It offers best-in-class efficiency with 1,5-liter EcoBoost petrol, 1,5-liter EcoBlue diesel, 2.0-liter Ecoblue diesel and 2.5-liter PHEV petrol engine options.

New Kuga; Comfortable and safe shopping environment is offered to the car lovers through the 'Ford Digital Studio' application developed by keeping the expectations of the customers in the foreground. As of June, customers will be able to examine the vehicle live (with video) and ask any questions they wish, together with their personal Ford Digital Studio customer advisor, from anywhere and on any device.

Ford Kuga, which is Ford's best-selling SUV model in Europe and renewed, draws attention with its stylish design, while it stands out with its design and technology details that offer a wider interior and comfort that is completely renewed.

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The Most Efficient in its Class

Featuring Style, Titanium and more sporty ST Line versions, the new Ford Kuga offers best-in-class efficiency with improved power and drivetrain. The new Ford Kuga, 1,5 liter EcoBoost gasoline, 1.5 liter EcoBlue diesel, which can be combined with the manual as well as the new eight-speed automatic transmission, 4lt Ecoblue diesel and 4 liter PHEV petrol engine with rich power and transmission. body offers diversity.

The new Ford Kuga offers class-leading 150nd row knee room and flexible luggage space with its 2 mm forward and backward sliding rear seat design. Wide and spacious interior features; Wireless charging feature, SYNC infotainment system with 8-inch color touch screen, premium B&O sound system and advanced comfort equipment such as 12,3-inch Digital Display Panel with changing design with different driving modes. The new Ford Kuga, which was rated by Euro NCAP with the highest rating of 5 stars; It offers superior safety with advanced technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Alignment Assist with Stop & Go and Traffic Sign Recognition System, Ford Dynamic LED Headlight System, Eye Level Instrument Panel and New Active Parking Assistant.

Yücetürk: “Taking into consideration the demand for Kuga, we bring it to our customers quickly”

Emphasizing that Kuga is Ford's best-selling SUV model in Europe and with its features that appeal to all segments, Ford Otosan Marketing, Sales and After Sales Assistant General Manager Özgür Yücetürk said, “The new Ford Kuga Europe that we position as the SUV of the future As in Turkey, it is a very popular model and in great demand in our country. Our customers demand that we also evaluating the new Kuga we acted quickly to meet our customers in Turkey. We are currently starting pre-sales, with limited numbers. Preorders received for the new Kuga will be delivered to their owners by the end of June. In addition, we will present our New Kuga model to our customers in digital environment with our 'Ford Digital Studio' service very soon. Our customers can examine selected Ford models from their computers, phones or tablets and ask the private sales consultant the question they want via 'Ford Digital Studio'. It is enough to make an online appointment to access this service. We look forward to bringing new Kuga's remarkable design, advanced technologies and class-leading 2nd row knee distance to customers ”

Designed entirely with customer needs in mind

The new Ford Kuga rises on Ford's new flexible front-wheel drive platform, which offers weight advantages of up to 80 kg compared to the previous generation, compared to the previous generation, except for advanced aerodynamics that contribute to fuel efficiency.

The new platform not only improves aerodynamic performance and offers a significant weight advantage. zamnow also contributes to the new Kuga's superior level of security. The new platform, which has an important share in the new Kuga's crash safety, also brings along improved driving dynamics. While providing 10 percent more torsion resistance, it creates more living space and is the same zamoffers an impressive and dynamic design.

The new Ford Kuga brings a much more prestigious, agile and dynamic look with sleeker and sleeker lines, rear headlights, longer engine hood, more curved rear window, widening shoulder and lower roofline and flowing lines with long wheelbase. .

Rich, efficient and advanced new engine options meet all needs

Ford's 6-liter EcoBlue diesel engine, which will be offered with 8-speed manual and 1,5-speed automatic transmission options, produces 120 PS power and 300 Nm torque and is 4,2 - 4,5 * lt / 100 km with fuel consumption 109 - 119 * It offers CO2 emission values ​​in gr / km. EcoBlue diesel engine; It incorporates all current, advanced and innovative engine technologies, including water and air cooling system, integrated intake manifold, low inertia turbo feed for more precise gas responses, and high pressure injection system, making combustion more efficient and reducing emissions.

The 1,5 liter EcoBoost engine produces 120 PS power and 240 Nm torque and achieves a CO5,6 emission value of 100 * g / km with a fuel consumption of 127 * lt / 2 km. Ford's three-cylinder engine, an industry first, deactivates the cylinder shutdown feature by turning off one of the three cylinders when there is no high power requirement. Cylinder shutdown or engagement time takes just 14 milliseconds and is not felt in the cabin. EcoBoost engine; advanced turbocharging, high pressure direct injection, two independent variables as well as cylinder shutdown zamIt offers a high level of efficiency with the most up-to-date engine technologies, including an understanding camshaft, a gasoline particulate filter that reduces emissions, a low-friction three-cylinder engine architecture that produces high torque at low rpm, an integrated exhaust manifold that accelerates throttle responses, and an all-aluminum structure that provides weight advantage.

* NEDC values

Available in Style, Titanium, ST-Line hardware levels and 11 color options

The special design details applied depending on each hardware level, including Style, Titanium and ST-Line, change the character of the new Kuga. While the Style trim level with 17-inch wheels has a leaner appearance, additional technology, comfort and design details come into play at the Titanium hardware level with 18-inch wheels. The ST-Line version is; With 19-inch wheels, colorful brake calipers, a more sporty front bumper design, diffuser integrated into the rear bumper and full-length spoiler, and LED daytime running lights, they have traces of Ford's performance DNA.

The new Ford Kuga; It is available in 11 different body colors: Ice White, Blazer Blue, Pacific Blue, Aytozu Gray, Agate Black, Lead Gray, Magnetic Gray, Sandy Gray, Bronze Orange, Coral Red and Platinum White.

Brand new driving modes that adapt the character of the new Kuga to driving conditions

The new Kuga also offers selectable drive mode technology for the first time. Gear shifting for automatic models except system throttle response, steering stiffness and traction control zamHe adapts Kuga's driving character by interfering with his understanding. The Slippery Ground driving mode, which is offered outside of Normal, Sport and Eco driving modes, provides the driver with more driving safety on surfaces with less grip such as snow and ice. Deep Snow / Sand driving mode helps to increase the vehicle's grip on soft and loose surfaces.

Width, flexibility and connectivity combined with high comfort

Comfort, width, flexibility and connectivity are the basis of the passenger experience of the New Kuga. The new Kuga has 44 mm wider, 89 mm longer and 20 mm more wheelbase compared to the generation it replaced. The new dimensions offer front and rear seat passengers more shoulder distance and headroom despite the ceiling height of 6 mm lower compared to the previous generation.

Best-in-class knee room with skid rear seat design

While heated seats are offered for the first time to the rear seat passengers sitting at the sides, the rear seats with slides can move back and forth. By pulling back the seats, Kuga offers the best second-class knee space with 1.035 mm, while the seats are shifted forward, offering an additional 2 liters of luggage and reaching a value of 67 liters.

Wide trunk same zamIt also draws attention with its advanced functionality solutions. The rear seats are folded in a 60/40 ratio to create a flat loading floor.

Connectivity features that make life easier in the interior

The interior of the new Kuga is equipped with innovative solutions that make the user's life easier. Advanced connectivity solutions such as wireless charging eliminate cable clutter in the cabinet. By connecting the user's smartphone via Bluetooth to Ford's SYNC communication and infotainment system, the same zamcan benefit from wireless charging feature and can control some features of the smartphone and vehicle connected to the system with SYNC with 8 inch touch screen. The system also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ features.

A first with the new 12,3-inch digital display panel

A new 12,3-inch digital instrument cluster stands out as an industry first with freeform technology that uses the curved top edge for seamless interior design. The freeform panel allows designers to use shapes beyond the traditional rectangular design with a special circuit built into the screen. The 24-bit true-color digital instrument panel produces detailed, high-resolution, more realistic images and icons, providing a brighter, less tiring on the eyes and easier to read. However, it has a different design with different driving modes. The specially developed 10-speaker, 575 Watt, new B&O Sound System offers a unique sound experience to each passenger in the vehicle with the position of the speakers and acoustic optimization.

Ford's Smart Tailgate technology allows the user to open the tailgate comfortably with a simple foot movement under the rear bumper when the hands are full. Ford engineers have also developed a solution to remove the tailgate that has been removed. The luggage cover, which can be removed practically with a pull strap, can be hidden under the flexible luggage floor.

Rechargeable (Plug-in) Hybrid model

Rechargeable in the coming period (plug-in) to be offered in Turkey in the hybrid version planned new Ford Kuga in the first place 1,5-liter EcoBoost petrol manual transmission version and 1.5 liters ecoblu diesel versions of the eight-speed automatic gearbox can be combined will be sold in Turkey .

The new Ford Kuga is waiting for its customers at Ford Authorized Dealers as of June with the recommended turnkey sales price starting from 269.300 TL.

Source: Hibya News Agency

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