ASELSAN Support for Modular Temporary Base Regions

In line with the contract signed between Presidency Defense Industry Directorate and ASELSAN, integrated logistics support activities will be carried out in the base regions until the end of 2022 within the scope of the Modular Temporary Base Zone Project.

Within the scope of the Modular Temporary Base Zone Project (MGÜB Project), the contract amendment covering MGÜB ELD-3 was signed between the Defense Industry Directorate and ASELSAN.

The services to be provided within the scope of the MGÜB ELD-3 Performance Based Maintenance / Repair Contract covers the field and factory-level Maintenance / Repair activities and user-level customer training from 01 January 2020 until the end of 2022 for the systems delivered under the MGÜB Contracts. It is a continuation of MGÜB ELD-1 and MGÜB ELD-2 Maintenance / Repair Contracts.

The Contract in question is structured with a “performance-based logistics” approach, unlike existing maintenance and repair contracts, and has the performance criterion of “intervention in all critical electronic systems within 7 days, making repairs within 7 days following the intervention”.

The usage area and usage manner of the systems used in the project is critical, and there is an obligation to intervene as soon as possible for any malfunctions that may occur. In order to meet these requirements, zamInstant on-site support is provided.

In order to prevent safety weakness caused by failure in Base Zones; All notifications collected from the field are actively monitored, analyzed and reported.

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