Mercedes Recalls 2020 AMG GT Cars

Mercedes Recalls AMG GT Cars

Mercedes-Benz 2020 recalls some of the AMG GT vehicles due to the emergency call system communication modules (eCall) malfunction.

In the US-only recall, the American National Road Traffic Administration (NHTSA) reported a malfunction in the emergency call system communication modules (eCall) of 149 Mercedes-Benz 2020 AMG GT models. In the statement made, this module causes the location of the vehicle to appear at a different location than the actual location due to the malfunction in the GPS system of this module.

The emergency call system (eCall) of Mercedes-Benz is designed so that the authorities can reach the driver or passengers as soon as possible in case of an accident or emergency. However, GPS malfunction in this system may cause delay of this help. According to the announcement made, there has been no loss of life or property due to this fault so far.

Mercedes-Benz sent an SOS message to the information system on the instrument cluster of vehicles with this fault and informed the owners of the fault. This breakdown caused by the supplier of Mercedes-Benz will be remedied by Mercedes-Benz without charge.

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