Kovid-19 process and after the Defense Industry in the World and Turkey

President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. Ismail Demir, STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade AŞ think tank organized by the STM Think Tech's video-conferencing, "Kovid-19 process and after the Defense Industry in the World and Turkey" participated in the panel.

President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir said that an extraordinary process has been experienced in the world due to the epidemic, the economies of the country have been affected by this situation, and the production technologies have slowed down, but due to the strategic projects in the defense industry, certain measures have been taken and the work continues. He also stated that companies operating in the field of Defense Industry showed good examples of the use of multiple technologies during this period and mentioned the works carried out in ASELSAN.

Emphasizing that a successful exam was given in this process, President Professor. Dr. He explained that activities such as iron, mask, diagnostic kit and disinfectant production were accelerated in the field of health.

Underlining that the projects are going on, he said: “There may be a delay in reaching some milestones, but we do not expect this to be reflected in the year-end turnover targets to a great extent. Maybe there may be small percentages per company. We will not have any problems about turnover. This process will make a positive contribution to Turkey's position, and he gave it supports the image of the country in the long term we expect the positive influence of exports. "

President Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir, Turkey's only alternative manufacturer can not as engaged in the defense industry attracted attention in other areas, used the following phrases:

“Here, technological competence, field effectiveness of products, marketing ability and perception management are parameters. In this respect Turkey, more began to appear on the world market on the other as a player to fill the place of China. We will be on the market as a proven country sector, in this sense, it is quite possible to replace many traditional and classical exporting countries including China. ”

The increase in exports in Turkey at the moment the President expressed the hope that the graph of a curve catch on much Prof. Dr. Demir said he believes that he will come out not as damaged by the country's epidemic process, but as a country that has made preparations to take steps to succeed in the process.

“There is no cancellation or postponement in the projects”

President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir stated that there is no cancellation or postponement in the contracted projects, and he said that with the prioritization of the projects, there may be steps such as speeding up or slowing down some products, and that they are vigilant about strategic products.

He underlined that the security of the country is a multi-legged structure, and that the world understands this with the epidemic.

F35 project

President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir also mentioned the F35 project in his speech and said that there is no clear data about what is happening on the US side.

He is drawing attention to the fact that Turkey is a partner of the project continued. “Unilateral actions regarding the partnership have no legal basis, and are not logical. Considering the whole partnership structure and the partners, there is no basis for associating this step with the S400. It is not a leg to take decisions regarding the plane to Turkey, but the other is a non-issue has nothing to do. Although we repeatedly spoke it to our interlocutors and received no logical answer, the process was continued. In his own words, in this process, the project was said to have an additional cost of at least $ 500-600 million. Again, according to our calculation, we see that there will be an additional cost of at least $ 8-10 million per plane. ”

President Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir, pointing out fliers about the F35 to be very clear messages to Turkey said that Turkey would stick to its signature show as a loyal partner in this process. Turkey and its partners in the program of work will be stopped while Turkey's process is given on the date it adopts the attitude towards explaining that they will fulfill its obligations on the regular ilerliyormuşça found the following assessment:

“We see the benefit of this today. March 2020 was the deadline, the date has passed and our companies continue to produce. Once the 'I threw, I cut the rope now I remove the Turkey "is not so easy. They made this decision, despite the fact that US officials also talked about our company's performance, production qualities, costs and delivery times in a wide variety of environments regarding the contribution of the Turkish industry to this partnership. We see that it was not so easy for our competent manufacturers to find new ones. We continue our production partnership. You tried to take us out, we did not go to rest, as we are stopping our production, we will not go. Because if there is a partnership agreement, if a departure is made, we believe that the partners who set out should continue faithfully. This is our stance as a nation and state. We believe this stance is correct. ”

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