Free Transportation and Parking for Healthcare Professionals Will Continue in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has extended the duration of free public transportation and parking services provided for healthcare workers working devotedly day and night in the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) process.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, as well as all coronaviruses in Turkey in the process of thanking all health care workers because of the sacrifices they show in Konya Metropolitan Municipality as each zamHe said that they will continue to be with them.

stating that the coronavirus is the decision of health care received in the days that began to be seen in Turkey they provide metropolitan-owned public transport for free use of the President Altai, "Our President HE Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan's leadership, fellow citizens, our Health Minister in Konya as it is all in Turkey Fahrettin husband coordinated In Istanbul, our healthcare professionals continue to carry out the process successfully. In these successful works, we have implemented a number of practices in order to support and promote our healthcare professionals. We extended our free transportation and parking decision, which we started for our healthcare workers in March, when the virus spread was highest, until June 30. ” used expressions.

President Altay also stated that during the days of curfew, they provide transportation to the hospitals where they work and where they stay, and that they will continue this service as long as the restriction continues. God bless all our health workers. ” said.

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