KIA will grow with electric vehicles in Europe

KIA will grow with electric vehicles in Europe

Explaining that it was preparing for the future of electric vehicles within the scope of the Plan S strategy at the beginning of 2020, KIA will realize its growth in Europe with the same strategy. KIA, which will develop 2025 electric vehicles globally by 11, will present a new electric model to the European market in 2021 with a long driving range, compact SUV design and fast charging features.

KIA will also develop an electric version of every new KIA model to be launched in Europe.

KIA, which broke a record in the first quarter of 2020 with the sales of electric vehicles (EV) in Europe, announced its future plans for the transition to electricity.

Earlier this year, KIA announced a new medium and long-term strategy covering topics such as the transition to electrification and various transportation services, as well as connectivity and autonomous driving, aiming leadership in future transportation models. With the Plan S strategy, KIA is preparing to move from a business model that works as part of the production of traditional vehicles to a business model that focuses on making electric vehicles popular.

The interest in electric vehicles brings unprecedented results in the European market to date. In the first quarter of 2020, new electric vehicle sales in Europe increased by 2019% compared to the first quarter of 75, to 6.811 units. Accordingly, KIA's zero-emission vehicle sales, which was 2019 percent in the first quarter of 2,9, increased to 2020 percent in the first quarter of 6,0.

KIA aims to launch 2025 electric vehicles by 11

To achieve its leadership goal, KIA plans to offer 2025 electric models globally by 11 in different vehicle segments, including passenger car, SUV and MPV. The first of KIA's new generation electric vehicles will be introduced in Europe in 2021. This electric vehicle will be built on a unique platform specially designed to accommodate the most up-to-date vehicle powertrain and technologies. The vehicle in question will not only offer a compact SUV design that blends passenger cars and SUVs, but also zamIt will also offer an innovative user experience for the future. The vehicle will have an electric driving range of over 500 km and a 20-minute fast charging feature.

KIA will continue to offer its electric vehicles globally, after launching its new zero-emission vehicle, developed specifically for Europe in 2021. As the brand's advanced powertrain technology is higher in European sales, there will be at least one electric version of every new model offered in Europe, half-hybrid, full-hybrid, rechargeable hybrid or electric.

A new experience for European drivers

After the first electric vehicle launch, KIA will introduce new zero emission vehicles with its own electric vehicle design, facilitating everyday life and offering a different user experience.

Kia will also equip most of its new electric vehicles with charging features that meet the needs and budgets of customers in various vehicle segments. KIA's electric vehicles will have a charging capacity of 400V or 800V, and will be offered on a model basis, with fast or easy charging options to suit different user requirements.

KIA, which lays its foundations for the future with Plan S, aims to reach 2026 units of electric vehicles annually by 500.000 and foresees that it will increase its sales of fully electric vehicles in Europe to over 20 percent.

Source: Hibya News Agency

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