The First of the Stackable Frigates TCG Istanbul Will Launch at the End of 2020

President of Defense Industry, STM ThinkTech realized online and live. Dr. İsmail Demir and ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, General Manager of TUSAŞ Dr. Temel Kotil, Director of SETA Security Research and Faculty Member of Ankara Social Sciences University Assoc. Dr. In the panel attended by Murat Yeşiltaş and finally STM General Manager Murat Second, a statement was made regarding the final status of the Stackable Frigate.

STM General Manager Murat Second made important statements about the Stackable Frigate at the panel held. Murat Second;

“I would like to talk especially about the İ class. As you know, the class I frigate is about 15 meters long version of the MILGEM project and a platform with serious weapon systems on it. As you know, the first 4 ships of the MİLGEM project have been successfully delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces and Navy, and are now successfully performing their duties in many regions, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is a very pleasing factor for our defense industry, because the MİLGEM project is a project that has emerged with the contributions of STELS, ASELSAN, Roketsan, Havelsan and many of our sub-small companies, and in terms of expressing the point where the Turkish defense industry actually came. as a good example. ”

“Our 4 ships, which are the continuation of the MİLGEM project, will no longer continue in the form of corvettes in the MİLGEM project, they will continue and be produced as a class I frigate. The construction of our ship, which is the first version of Class I, still continues under the responsibility of STM main contractor, at the Shipyard of the Naval Shipyard in Istanbul Shipyard Command with the participation of many of our companies. ”

“There's no glitch here, no delay. On the contrary, we are now making a great effort to deliver the Class I Frigate to our armed forces before the normal scheduled calendar, taking into account the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean. ”

“The command control and sensor system, including the weapons systems on the point that differentiates the class I, is largely domestic. Unlike other MILGEM ships, there will be launchers that provide vertical firing, and a platform that will enable launching many air defense missiles and anti-ship missiles, especially our ATMACA missile developed nationally, will be offered to the use of the Turkish Armed Forces. In this sense, Class I frigate will be a good example of this ship in terms of technological competence in which the defense industry has developed. In order to raise this before the calendar, we continue our work together with our industry together. ”

“Our plan is that we plan to launch our Class I Frigate at the end of 2020. I hope it will be successfully delivered to our armed forces after the next equipment activities. ”

MİLGEM: İ (İstif) Class Frigate

In the “I” Class Frigate project, which continues its activities as a continuation of the MİLGEM concept, the Defense Industry Executive Committee decision was taken on 30 June 2015 for the design and construction of the first ship at the Istanbul Shipyard Command.

The first building activities started with a ceremony at the Istanbul Shipyard Command on July 3, 2017. The first ship TCG ISTANBUL (F-515) 2021, the second ship TCG Izmir (F-516) 2022, the third ship TCG Izmit (F-517) 2023, the fourth ship TCG Icel (F-518) is planned to be in the inventory of the Naval Forces Command in 2024.

The naming and board numbers of Class I Frigates will be as follows:

  • TCG Istanbul (F-515),
  • TCG Izmir (F-516),
  • TCG Izmit (F-517),
  • TCG İçel (F-518)

General Design Features

  • Long Range and Effective Weapons
  • Effective Command Control and Combat Systems
  • High Cruising System
  • Life Cycle Cost Oriented Design
  • High Survivability and Shock Resistance
  • Military Design and Construction Standards
  • Operational Ability in KBRN Environment
  • High Maritime Features
  • High Reliability, Low Radar Cross Section
  • Low Acoustic and Magnetic Trace
  • K / O Trace Management (Low IR Trace)
  • Lifetime Supportability
  • Integrated Platform Control and Monitoring System (EPKİS) Capability


Ship Personnel: 123


  • 10 Sea Hawk Helicopter of 1 tons
  • GPP to
  • Level-1 Class-2 certification beachfront platform and hangar

Sensor, Weapon and Electronic Systems


  • 3D Search Radar
  • National A / K Radar
  • National Electro Optic Diffector System
  • National Electronic Support System
  • National Electronic Attack System
  • National Sonar System
  • National IFF System
  • National Infrared Search and Tracking System
  • National Torpedo Mixing / Deception System
  • National Laser Warning System

Weapon Systems

  • National Surface to Satha G / M System (ATMACA)
  • Surface to Air G / M (ESSM)
  • Vertical Shot System
  • 76 mm Main Battery Ball
  • National Ball A / K System
  • Close Air Defense Weapon System
  • Spindle 25mm Stabilized Ball Platform (STOP)
  • National Decorating System
  • National Torpedo Sleeve System

Source: DefenceTurk

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