First Loyal Wingman Successfully Completed Unmanned Warplane Prototype


The Australian industry team, led by the U.S. Boeing company, successfully completed the first Loyal Wingman Unmanned Fighter Aircraft (UCAV) prototype and presented it to the Australian Air Force.

Loyal Wingman UCAV, developed by Boeing and Australian companies and using artificial intelligence to expand the capabilities of manned and unmanned aerial platforms, is the first aircraft designed and manufactured in Australia for more than 50 years. In addition, Loyal Wigman is Boeing's biggest investment outside of the USA in drones.

The Loyal Wingman prototype delivered today is the first of three prototypes to be delivered to the Australian Air Force (RAAF) within the scope of the project. With this prototype, ground tests and flight tests are planned and the Loyal Wigman concept is planned to be proven.

Loyal Wingman will make its first flight this year, following the completion of ground tests starting with taxi tests.

Source: Defense Industry

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