High Speed ​​Train Will Not Stop in Kocaeli and Sakarya Provinces!

Covid-19 Outbreak TCDD announced that high speed and regional trains were stopped after the danger of disease.

It was announced that high-speed train services will be put into service again as of May 28 (according to the Presidential circular, it had to start on May 20). But what is the Adapazarı train whose route is restricted as Adapazarı-Pendik? zamAs of today, no statement has even been made that it will be operational. The Adapazarı train, which operated 7 times a day and at 30 train stations until 24 years ago, was serving 30 thousand people on the Sakarya-Kocaeli-Istanbul route. It is not enough that important stops such as Haydarpaşa, Diliskelesi, Körfez, Köseköy, Derbent are still closed, and the number of trips has been reduced to 10 times a day and the use of this means of transportation by the public is restricted. Although Fikri Işık, the Minister of the time, was told several times that the number of trips would increase, the number of trips was limited to 10 trips per day.

Finally, we learned that the high-speed train will not stop in our city. The fact that the high-speed train does not stop in the metropolitan Sakarya and Kocaeli provinces upset those living in these provinces. What was found trapped by the people who were not stranded on the bus? Citizen awaits an answer.

The number of daily passengers, intended to be transported between Ankara and Istanbul, was announced as 50 thousand. However, due to the insufficient number of trips, an important stop such as Haydarpaşa, closed regional trains to feed passengers to the high-speed train or their activities are limited, passengers are transported far below the targeted passenger number between Ankara and Istanbul. (6000 people)

In addition, the people of Kocaeli cannot benefit from this trend because the Bosphorus Express, which is not in operation due to the epidemic disease, operates between the Ankara-Arifiye district. Bosphorus Express should be planned to depart from Istanbul like 7 years ago.

The easiest way to prevent the arbitrary price application of bus companies is to put the state railways into operation as soon as possible by following the hygiene-isolation rules.

It is clear that the rules of isolation-hygiene will be better provided by the state. Public interest should be prioritized when determining ticket prices.

The commissioning of the Karaman and Sivas high-speed train projects, the foundations of which were said to be completed in 2015, became more important as soon as possible. The railway line to be built in Bursa must be put into operation immediately (by including freight transport-port connection). The developments regarding the Izmir-Ankara high-speed train project are a matter of curiosity.

Investments should be put in order by setting priorities instead of starting four speed train projects at the same time and none of them can be concluded.

As there are no Port-Railway and Organized Industry railway connections in Istanbul-Kocaeli-Sakarya provinces, all freight transportation has been started to be carried out by road as a result of the cancellation of their connections due to the High Speed ​​Train. First of all (close zamPort railway connections should be made, starting from Haydarpaşa port.

The industrialist needs a railroad to quickly transport raw materials and products.

Projects should be developed in order to carry out freight transportation by railway under the leadership of Chambers of Industry and Chambers of Commerce.

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