Air Defense Early Warning and Command Control System (HERIKKS)

Developed by ASELSAN, HERIKKS combines the information received from air defense radars and zamIt creates a snapshot of the air and provides the most appropriate target-weapon allocations with the Threat Assessment and Weapon Allocation algorithm. The system has been actively used by the Turkish Armed Forces since 2001.

HERIKKS includes integrated command and control units, air defense weapons, air defense radars, communication units and air defense system software. The system has open architecture suitable for the integration of different types of radar and weapon systems and modular hardware and software infrastructure working in distributed architecture.

Thanks to HERIKKS, the creation of the “radar network”, the most critical component for air defense, is provided.


General features

  • Real zamsnapshot combined aerial image
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic target-weapon mappings
  • Airspace control
  • Providing situational awareness
    - Information of friend / enemy troops
    - Information on the battlefield
    - Methodological Control Measures
  • Tactical Data Link (Link-16, JREAP-C, Link-11B, Link-1) capabilities
  • Flexible Structuring
  • Electronic shockproof and fast TASMUS communication infrastructure
  • Embedded simulation capability
  • Moving working ability
  • Infrastructure open to integration of different types of radar and weapon systems

Source: SavunmaSanayiST

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