Another Important Point in GAZİRAY Studies Has Been Completed

Another important point was completed in GAZİRAY construction works carried out by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. The tunnel work at the intersection of the D-400 Highway known as İpekyolu and the GAZİRAY line was built in as short as 45 days. Mayor Şahin, who came to visit on the day when the last concrete of the study was poured, spoke about the new type of Corona Virus (COVID-19) epidemic on the agenda of the country and said, “While everyone stopped and waiting in the pandemic, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continued to do great things.”

GAZIRAY studies, which will be the solution to the traffic problem experienced by the Metropolitan Municipality, continue at full speed. The tunnel work, which is an important junction in the 25-kilometer tunnel works of the 5 km long line that will connect the Gaziantep Small Industry Site (KÜSGET) and the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), was completed in a short period of 400 days. . The Silkroad was closed with the awareness of the precautions taken and the curfew in the scope of the national fight against the Corona Outbreak, and the tunnel work, which was made by giving alternative roads, was carried out without great diligence and disturbance to the environment.

President Şahin, who started the work 45 days ago, went to visit the site on the day the last concrete of the construction was poured, and thanked all the workers for their efforts. Stating that the place where the tunnel was opened is the heart of the city, Şahin said: “We are building the tunnel of the line to be used by GAZIRAY and the high-speed train, while the urban and intercity flow continues rapidly on the Silk Road. We completed this tunnel in 45 days. How railways and highways can be projected, operated together and finished zamWe are here to show you how big a job it is that will become the transportation axis of the city and solve the transportation problem. We are working very fast. How many railways exist in a country, in cities, this is an indicator of development. We are also building the infrastructure to increase them. This tunnel under the Silkroad is very important. 25 kilometers of the 5-kilometer line will be underground, which was our main vein. While everyone was waiting and waiting during this pandemic period, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continued these great works without delay. There was an opportunity here. I would like to thank our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure for their support ”.


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