How many ALTAY Tanks can be produced with the motors in hand?

As is known, the ALTAY Main Battle Tank mass production contract was signed between the Defense Industry Directorate (SSB) and BMC Automotive on November 9, 2018. Within the scope of the signed agreement, BMC would produce a total of 40 ALTAY tanks, 1 of which are ALTAY-T210 and 2 of which are ALTAY-T250.

In project scope; The first mass production tank, T0 + will be delivered in the 24th month, and ALTAY-T1 deliveries will be finished in the T0 + 39th month. However, in accordance with the directives of the Defense Industry President İsmail DEMİR, it was decided to complete a promotional tank in the ALTAY-T1 configuration, which is not covered by the contract, at T0 + 18th month. The first ALTAY-T2 tank will be delivered at T0 + 49th month, and delivery of 0 tanks at T87 + 250th month will be completed.

However, the serial production of ALTAY could not start even though it has been 1.5 years since the signing of the serial production agreement due to the supply problem regarding the engine. President of the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR, during the press conference that I also attended at the beginning of this year, said, “We have a contractual contract like T0+18 Month regarding the ALTAY Tank. T0 zero represents the next stage for us after the prerequisites are met and we are ready for production. The company does not have a power package (engine and transmission). zammoment cannot start T0. In the event that the application for the power package is not concluded, this 0-month period does not start, as we could not initiate T18. We had a publicly declared 18 months before, he zamWe waited for the finalization of the application made much earlier. This application has not received a positive or negative response at this time and is pending. However, our search for alternatives for the power package continues rapidly, and we hope that it will be concluded very soon. After the power package is finalized and the production line qualification is completed, the T0 phase will start, after which we will start the 18 months.” made statements.

During the online panel organized by SETA Foundation, President DEMİR made important statements regarding the ALTAY Main Battle Tank (AMT).

In a statement made by President DEMİR, “Work continues in two different power groups. We are talking about a process that goes by putting these studies on top of each other and not only the power system but also a series of its components were developed together. In this sense, our companies have created a certain competence, they have accumulated. On the other hand, they carried certain collaborations to certain maturity, especially in terms of the earlier production of the tank. The level of maturity is in a very good condition, but I do not want to say it before the exact signatures are made and announced. However, I can say that we are at a good point there.

In addition, we have a small number of spare engines. Starting with these, we will enter a certain tank production process. They will be produced until the other domestic solution comes into play. ” expressions were included.

After the statement made by Mr. DEMİR, the question was asked by many people that the number of ALTAY Main Battle Tanks can be produced with the engines in hand. According to the information I remember from the development stages of the ALTAY program and from various sources, we currently have a total of 883 power groups consisting of MTU MT295 engine and COLOR HSWL 20 transmission. Of course, I do not think that this number includes two power groups for prototypes that have reached a lot of working hours.

As can be understood from Mr. President's statements, BMC will start the production of 20 tanks with the power group at hand, until the negotiations on the supply of engines are concluded. Thus, since the T0 phase will be initiated and the production line certification will be completed, further delays will be prevented in case of a final agreement on the engine. Production will continue from the 21st tank with new engines.

I do not know if any work has been done about “Production Line Certification” in T0 stage. Assuming that the T0 phase has been completed today, the first ALTAY Tank will be delivered only 18 months after that, in December 2021. Of course, possible studies carried out so far may shorten this period.

Source: Anıl ŞAHİN / SavunmaSanayiST

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