Call from Eken to Bayraktar to Produce National UAV at Demirağ OSB

Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber (STSO) Chairman Mustafa Eken, Turkey's first national S / H System Bayraktar tb2'n the architect of the bikers Technical Director (CTO) and T3 Foundation President Selcuk Bayraktar Board of Trustees, invest in Sivas invited to do.

Stating that they expect Demirağ OIZ, which will be the second organized industrial zone of Sivas, to be included in the scope of special incentives, our Chairman of STSO Mustafa Eken gave information about Demirağ OIZ.

Eken said, “There will be a railway network in every parcel within Demirağ OSB. The OIZ, which will be in the Logistics Village, will be a center of attraction benefiting from the special incentives announced by our President. As Sivas TSO, we are continuing our preparations to invite investors to invest in Demirağ OSB, whose infrastructure work continues. ”

Recently, attracting the attention of many countries, national and local production of S / UAVs, the architect pointed out that the study did Bayraktar Selcuk is a source of pride for Turkey Eken, "Unmanned aerial vehicles, the Turkish Armed doing an important task for our forces. UAVs, which were rented and bought by spending millions of dollars in the past, but which we could not use at the desired level, are now produced completely locally. It was able to attract the attention of the whole world with the success it has displayed in the important operations carried out by our army. On this occasion, we would like to thank Selçuk Bayraktar, who proudly represents our country in the international arena and produces the systems that many states cannot do, and we want to make a call. Nuri aircraft, known in Turkey is the first name that comes to mind Demirağ. Therefore, we invite Selçuk Bayraktar, the architect of our national pride, S / UAVs, to invest in Demirağ OSB. As Sivas TSO, we are ready to mobilize all our possibilities in this regard. In the OIZ, where the name of Nuri Demirağ, one of the most important names raised by our country in railway construction and aircraft production, will be kept alive, the production of the national S / UAV will add a different meaning. ”

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