First Export Success of Ejder Yalçın in Ambulance Configuration

Ejder Yalçın 4 × 4 Armored Combat Vehicle was developed by Nurol Makina to respond to the operational needs of military units and security forces in all kinds of regions and land conditions, including residential and rural areas.

The ambulance configuration of Ejder Yalçın, which is a unique platform that has high protection and mobility and has proven itself in the field of operation, made its first export success to a Middle Eastern country.

Ejder Yalçın can effectively use different payloads for various missions such as personnel carrier, armored combat vehicle and anti-tank vehicle, and ambulance is among the configurations. With its ambulance configuration, Ejder Yalçın is able to use its superior performance and protection capabilities for the first intervention and safe transportation of the injured security forces in the field.


Within the scope of the projects signed, mass production of the vehicle started and the first export was made to the Middle East. Apart from the existing projects, negotiations with different countries and end users are continuing for the vehicle, which continues mass production.


Anıl Karel, Nurol Makina ve Sanayi AŞ Deputy General Manager, in an interview; In his design, Ejder Yalçın Armored Ambulance was developed in compliance with military ambulance standards with all its functions and capabilities. Karel said:

“Among the different configurations of Ejder Yalçın, which is the leader of its class with its protection level, mobility and payload capacity, Explosive Destruction Vehicle, Air Defense Vehicle, Command-Control Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, KBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle, Personnel Carrier, Mine / Handmade Explosive Vehicle. Detection-Destruction Vehicle, Armored Ambulance and Border Surveillance and Security Vehicle. In line with the agreements we have signed with international users, we continue to work on different configurations of the vehicle. Ejder Yalçın will continue to be the world's choice with its armored ambulance version. ”


Hungary's Choice Ejder Yalçın

Hungary, seeking to increase the technological possibilities of its army, preferred the armored combat vehicle Ejder Yalçın, produced by Nurol Makina. Hungary, which has been carrying out activities for a while to increase the technological possibilities of its army and replace the vehicles and equipment in the Soviet Union period with Western systems, has preferred Ejder Yalçın.

Hungary was the 6th in the world and the first country in the European Union to choose Ejder Yalçın to meet the needs of the security forces.

Ejder Yalçın participated in the "National Defense Day" events, where the Hungarian Defense Forces exhibited the vehicles in their inventory and in the procurement process, with the Yörük 4 × 4 light armored vehicle.



Uzbek President shavkat mirziyoyev visit to Turkey in October 2017, between the Uzbek company Nurol Machinery uzauto with the Dragon Yalcin 1000 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles has signed a memorandum of understanding for the joint production in Uzbekistan. It was announced that the agreement included the purchase of 24 ready-made armors and their sales to third countries.

Armored personnel carrier Ejder Yalçın, produced by Nurol Makina, was delivered to the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan at a ceremony held in Uzbekistan. Armored vehicles were delivered at a ceremony held in the Çirçik polygon near the capital Tashkent, to the relevant units. (Source: DefenceTurk)

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