EGO Buses Will Work at Full Capacity in Summer


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate will continue the social distance rule within the scope of the "Summer Season Traffic Precautions" to be implemented between 1 June and 1 October.

In Başkent, where the use of masks will be mandatory and the social distance rule will continue to be applied, full capacity service will be provided by meeting the occupancy criteria in public transport vehicles.

All Precautions were Taken in EGO Buses

EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, who announced that he would act according to the "Summer Season Traffic Measures" circular of the Ministry of Interior within the scope of the measures to be taken against the coronavirus outbreak, gave the following information about the new working order:

“Since the first time the pandemic, which has become a global threat, appeared in our country, we have tried to apply everything we can as the public authority responsible for public transportation in Ankara within the framework of the instructions of our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş. We think we gave a good exam in this process. We have made all our preparations in this process, which we can call the new opening process as of June 1, within the framework of the statements of our President. ”

Stating that, with the normalization process, citizens take the necessary precautions to travel healthy, Alkaş made the following evaluations:

“With our 540 buses, we make 49 thousand 5 flights a day from 8 departure points and 800 bus regions. We have a fleet serving a total of 335 lines. In order not to cause any trouble in terms of suitability for social distance, we will continue to serve with our full capacity within our current possibilities. Private Public Buses, Private Public Transportation Vehicles that we give permission and license will strive to carry our passengers in the healthiest and in accordance with the pandemic rules by using all their capacity. ”

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