World Famous Car Rental Company Hertz Bankrupt

World Famous Car Rental Company Hertz Bankrupt

About a month ago, Hertz, one of the largest car rental companies in the world, announced that it was on the verge of bankruptcy.. Today, the American car rental company announced that it has pulled the flag of bankruptcy. The car rental company Hertzi, succumbed to the corona virus epidemic, applied to the US bankruptcy court.

About $ 17 Billion Debt

According to the statement, Hertz brand, one of the world's leading car rental companies, has a total debt of 17 billion dollars. In addition, Hertz needs about $ 1 billion in cash to continue serving while bankruptcy is under way.

2. Hand Market Anxious

The fact that the vehicles that Hertz is already using will go on sale has disturbed the 2nd Hand car market. The Hertz brand, which also has dealers in our country, has laid off about 200 thousand people. How will the affected dealers in Turkey is not yet known.

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