Domestic and National Production Line Launched at MKE Gazi Fireworks Factory

Within the scope of the new project of the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), the new production line created with domestic and national machines came into service at the Gazi Fişek Factory.

The opening of the new production line, which will completely eliminate the dependency abroad and created entirely from domestic and national machines, within the scope of coronavirus measures, Minister of National Defense Akar, Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Commander of the Land Forces Gen. Umit Dündar, Commander of the Naval Forces Admiral Adnan Özbal, Commander of the Air Forces Kucukakyuz and Deputy Ministers of National Defense Yunus Emre Karaosmanoglu were held with the video conference method attended by Alpaslan Kavaklioglu and Shuay Alpay.

Before the opening, Minister Akar received information from MKEK General Manager Yasin Akdere on the new cartridge line and works. Congratulated those who contributed due to the successful efforts of local and national importance to the work done until the Minister Akar, he said that there were important developments in the industry and technology in Turkey.

Stating that these works are also reflected in the defense industry, Akar said, “Our work within the framework of the defense industry has gained a significant momentum with the leadership, support and encouragement of our President, and thankfully the domestic and nationality rates in the defense industry have reached 70 percent. We do not find any of them sufficient. We will continue our work at an increasing pace and pace and I believe that we will take it to much higher levels. ” used expressions.


Touching on the importance of taking domestic and national design further in the defense industry, Minister Akar said:

“Gazi Fişek Factory, which has a meaningful position in the national and domestic industry, has a very important position in terms of meeting the needs of our Armed Forces. In this respect, the meaning and importance of bringing service to this special and meaningful factory not only with foreign machines but also with domestic and national machines and providing production is very important. Furthermore, it is another source of pride for us to increase the production by 40 percent with the production made with domestic and national workbenches compared to the machines with foreign origin. ”

Stating that all domestic and foreign demands will be met faster with the new production line, Minister Akar said, “I would like to state that this is an important step both financially and in terms of our security.” said.

Stating that the negative effect of being dependent on the looms produced abroad has been experienced in the past years, Minister Akar said, “When we have a loom dependency, we have encountered situations such as not being able to get the materials we paid for. If we go at this pace, we hope that all our production materials will be able to do it on our own, and we will develop it further. ” he spoke.

Reminding that the Ministry of National Defense has produced various preventive health supplies within the scope of the fight against coronavirus outbreak, Minister Akar said:

“We also met an important need by making the surgical mask production bench. Until two months ago, the absence of mask making machines was another problem. Some serious money was requested. At the point we have reached now, the construction of machines that produce surgical masks by you has changed the whole equation and made our work easier. A very important step has been taken to meet the needs of not only our Armed Forces but also with our people, friendly and brotherly countries. ”


Emphasizing that efforts to increase the production of protective healthcare material in factories affiliated to the Ministry of National Defense, Minister Akar said:

“We have produced nearly 30 million masks so far. We produced over 500 thousand coveralls and 140 tons of disinfectants. I believe that we will continue this production more rapidly and increase the numbers even higher. In the coming period, these figures will be much higher. Mr. President has various instructions. By increasing our intensive work and coordination with the relevant ministries and institutions, we will try to fulfill our duties much more effectively in terms of both production and distribution. ”

Minister Akar said, “Producing the domestic and national thermometer and thermal camera was recorded as a separate achievement of MKEK” and reminded that the prototype of the mechanical breathing device called “Sahra” was produced by MKEK. Regarding “Sahra”, Minister Akar said, “The certification process has reached a certain stage. Very short zamAfter a moment, we will be able to meet the needs of our country, our Armed Forces, and friendly and allied countries by producing 500 devices a week.” said.


Thanks to the newly established line, it is planned to increase the production capacity three times. Thanks to the new line that will produce 7.62 mm x 39 Kalashnikov cartridges, 7.62mmx51 NATO cartridges, 7.62 and 5,56 mm Shirred Maneuver cartridges, the internal and external demand will be more comfortable and higher quality production will be realized. Thanks to the project that will eliminate the foreign dependency in the cartridge, MKEK's aim is to increase its competitiveness.

With this project, MKEK, which has acquired a structure that can transfer not only the production but also the production technology, has eliminated the foreign dependency for both product and cartridge production counters with this investment.

While all of the counters supplied under the project are 100 percent domestic, it is stated that the cartridge production benches are of higher quality and efficient than their counterparts in the world.

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