Covid-19 Carries SAHA Istanbul Network Works to the Digital World


During the COVID-19 pandemic process, SAHA Istanbul carried its network work to the digital world.

Members of SAHA Istanbul, Turkey's largest industrial cluster, introduce their companies and give information about their production capabilities in Webinars broadcast live on SAHA Istanbul's Youtube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Work in process koronovirüs outbreak exceptional speed floor to digitalize the world FIELD Istanbul, Turkey's largest industrial cluster, and network activities, online company introduction to the media vehicles.

Turkey defense and the National Technological Breakthrough supporter of bringing international success in aviation, hundreds of companies to come together FIELD Istanbul under the same roof with high-tech manufacturing capabilities, defense, domestic companies are engaged in manufacturing for the aerospace industry brings in online media.

Let's Get to Know the Talents in SAHA Istanbul

Adapting quickly to the process during the coronavirus period, when almost the whole world had to stay in their homes, SAHA Istanbul continues to promote the production capabilities and products of its companies and to establish productive networks in the sector with webinars titled "Let's Get to Know Our Talents". Webinars broadcast live can be watched on SAHA Istanbul's Youtube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Stating that in the pandemic days, where face-to-face communication in the business world is carried to digital environment, as in all sectors, SAHA Istanbul Secretary General Ilhami Keleş continued as follows:

“In our webinars, which we organize regularly, our members present their companies and make presentations about their production capabilities. Thanks to these promotional webinars, which are followed with interest, our companies are aware of the domestic manufacturers of the materials they need during their production. It told Turkey's high-tech manufacturing capabilities. The webinars, which are also attended by SAHA Istanbul committee managers, also offer important cooperation opportunities to increase domestic production. ”

defense of the majority of SAHA Istanbul members, with manufacturing operations that require high technologies needed in the aerospace industry, İlhami Keles pointed out that the featured companies, pandemic in the process also to provide support to Turkey's National Technology Breakthrough, domestic firms in that they move smoothly continue to create cooperation opportunities he. (Source: DefenceTurk)

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