Organic Fertilizer Support Payments Started For Farmers!

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli made a statement regarding the supports to be applied to farmers who use organic and organomineral fertilizers in 2019.

Minister Pakdemirli's statement is as follows; “In order to increase the organic matter coverage of our country's lands, increase the efficiency of chemical fertilizer use and meet the plant nutrients needed by our soil from national sources, in addition to the normal fertilizer support we started to apply in 2019, 10 TL support was paid to our farmers who use organic and organomineral fertilizers.

Within this framework, on May 57, we started paying 18.892 million 14 thousand lira support to our 481 farmers in 15 provinces whose applications, supplies, hangings and controls were completed.

Good luck to all our farmers ”

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