ASELSAN's Network Supported Talent Project Used in NATO Exercise

The 'Network Supported Talent' project developed by ASELSAN proved its cat from NATO's EURASIAN STAR'19 drill.

The EURASIAN STAR (EAST) 2019 Exercise was carried out with the participation of a total of 3 staff from nineteen headquarters, national institutions and international organizations in Istanbul, together with the NATO Command and Force Structure.

In the EAST-2019 exercise, the Over Battalion Command and Control System (TÜKKS / TACCIS) software, which is being developed within the scope of the Network Assisted Ability (ADY) Project, was used successfully to create a tactical situation and reflect the current situation throughout the exercise.

At the 3rd Corps Command, which is a multinational headquarters, TÜKKS / TACCIS software in English, with Status Maps created for NATO symbology standards, functional areas on numerical maps taken from NATO Map servers, of changes in the situation and control measures functions such as tracking, friendly and enemy Combat Arrangements (MIT) and transferring the current situation to the NATO Common Operating Picture (NCOP) system.

Within the scope of the ADY Project, EAST-2019 studies started with the installation of TÜKKS / TACCIS software on September 30, 2019. Intensive staff support was provided for installation, trainer and user training, data entry before the exercise and execution of the exercise. In the meantime, feedback from trainers, installers and user personnel was taken and necessary work was carried out to successfully complete the exercise.

EAST-2019 exercise was successfully completed with the TÜKKS / TACCIS software for the purpose of meeting the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces ten months before the ADY Project delivery.

Another step in the process of taking the NATO 2021 responsibility (NRF21), which is important for our country, was completed with the execution of the EAST-2019 exercise.

NATO Certification Process

STEADFAST COBALT 2020 (STC2020) to NATO certification process in March-May 020, CWIX-2020 (Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination, eXercise) and STEADFAST JUPITER-JACKAL 2020 in November-December 2020 JA2020) will continue with drills.

As a result of the success achieved in the exercise, it was also stated that the employees of the ADY Project and solution partners from different companies came together at the celebration event held in İvedik Technopark campus with the participation of the Defense System Technologies (SST) Sector President and Deputy General Manager Mustafa Kaval and managers.

Network Supported Ability (ADY) MIP Compliance Project

Within the scope of the projects carried out for the Land Forces Command, IT infrastructures have been created in the last 15 years in accordance with NATO standards and their maintenance has been provided by Havelsan.

The modernization of these infrastructures and their use for network supported talent are included in the Network Assisted Talent (ADY) Project. Within the scope of the Network Supported Ability (ADY) MIP Compliance Project, Havelsan will continue to carry out activities on the design and implementation of the integration infrastructure of the Land Forces Command carried out during 2001-2012, and the interoperability of information systems of the Land Forces Command in national and international environments. (Source: DefenceTurk)

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