ASELSAN and KOUSTECH Produced Power Distribution Cards for UAVs


KOUSTECH has developed a "Power Distribution System" with the support of ASELSAN engineers to be used in the autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle it has developed.

KOUSTECH, Kocaeli University Autonomous Systems Technologies team, has been developing Autonomous Air Systems for 22 years with its teams of 2 engineering students. KOUSTECH team, which carries out all the design, production, test and qualification processes with its own capabilities and capabilities, also represents our country in the AUVSI-SUAS competition held in the USA.

The team that has developed 4 different fixed wing autonomous aircraft, 2 different rotary wing autonomous aircraft and autonomous land vehicle so far, is developing both platform and subsystem. While developing electronic subsystems in areas such as gimbal control system, power distribution system, sensor fusion system, antenna tracking system, it develops production technologies in areas such as image processing, autonomous flight, autonomous path finding, and composite mold manufacturing and mold manufacturing.

ASELSAN - KOUSTECH cooperation

KOUSTECH has developed a "Power Distribution System" with the support of ASELSAN engineers to be used in self-developed autonomous aircraft. The developed power distribution system is a system that can be used in many different systems, especially autonomous aircraft.

With the technical support of ASELSAN Transportation, Power and Energy Directorate (UGES) engineers, the Power Distribution System developed by the Koustech Avionics Systems team meets the power needs of many different electronic systems in the autonomous vehicle.

The power distribution system produced according to MIL-STD-461 and IPC standards consists of 3 different components. One of these components ensures that the voltage required by each electronic component in the autonomous vehicle is transmitted in an isolated manner. Another component, the Electromagnetic filter, prevents electromagnetic interference, which is one of the biggest problems in autonomous vehicles. By preventing electromagnetic interference with its structure, it provides the system to purify from the damaging effects that will occur. The isolation and modularity of the system can be provided with the military layer connectors with the third layer, the connector layer.

This product was developed by a university team with the support of Aselsan, which many companies in our country had difficulties developing in these standards. National Technology moves the student earned by employees owning the ability of our country in the future startup is expected to be an important part of Turkey's National Technology Breakthrough with the endüstrü to gain.

“Engineer Production”

Members of the KOUSTECH team who graduate and are active as guiding staff take important roles in the civil and defense sectors. With the experience they gained at KOUSTECH, there are many team members who have worked in the leading technology and financial institutions of our country such as BAYKAR Makine, Turkish Aviation and Space Industry, TEI, STM, NETAŞ and Vakıfbank. In this respect, KOUSTECH works like a "factory" that produces trained engineer power especially for the Turkish Defense Industry.

KOUSTECH team captain Kadir Doğan stated that their main goal is to "produce technology" and underlined that they continue to work despite the difficulties they face.

Dogan said, “We are doing a very disciplined job. We are a team that constantly gains experience and transfers their experience. We try to act as an institutional structure. Our main goal is to raise individuals who produce technology for our country and to do this, to bring technology to our country in the field of autonomous systems. We can see the effects of this technological acquisition in many different areas. For example, one of our team members who have worked in our team and graduated also works in the Breathing Apparatus project that our country produces locally.

Particularly important defense company ASELSAN and with our support of our institutions, such as Turkey and Technology Team Foundation BAYKAR as we can make this work. Because it is very difficult to find support for the work we do outside of a few companies and institutions. We find it difficult for many companies to explain their work and importance. Therefore, ASELSAN, Turkey BAYKAR and technology to support our team as the institutions and organizations we are taking a very important state.

There are many young people like us who want to develop technology in our country. In recent years, many young people have been working abroad and they have been doing a great job there. The main reason why young people like us perform this job abroad is that they have heard their voices enough and cannot find support. We are experiencing this situation a lot. I hope the successes of the teams like us in this matter will create awareness and support will be supported not only by certain people and institutions but also in a larger structure against the work done by such teams. In this way, our country and nation will be the winners with the spirit of National Technology Mobility. ” said. (Source: defenceturk)

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